Did Physicists finally accept an ignominious defeat in their 500yr quest to understand God’s creation? And Oops! Did Media not report it?

Hello Friends, So Here in the video we have Michio Kaku pondering on the subject of first Einsteins Theory of Relativity, traces down to Black Hole and concludes from the extensions of Einsteins equations that All Gravity comes from an very very small space. Infact we have Infinite Gravity and Density oozing from infinitely small space!

Now it is not the Einsteins Theory that is wrong here. It has withstood a century and haven’t been proven wrong in a single instance. Not even now. The starting assumption of our 20th Century “Physicists” had been wrong all along. They view Matter as the source of all Reality and pretend Infinity does not exist. And Media makes it sound like “Oh Science, we just do not understand it”.

The other thing our Physicists never understood was why Gravity Exists. They again thought that it is a function of Mass that results in Gravity. Infact it is the other way around. Gravity is the source of all Mass, Matter and Energy. If that is true, it must Exist everywhere. Please check this link from the Yale scientific magazine which was published couple years back explaining this fact.

Yale Scientific Journal Published in Oct 2010 explains Gravity Exists Everywhere in Space

We know that without Gravity, Mass Matter or Energy cannot exist. Scientists did not like Infinity because they could not explain it. Infinity is only observed in our physical reality but cannot be explained. But if we can change our perspective only slightly, may be we can.

So I reverse the initial assumption and state Gravity is the source of all Matter.

Principle of Duality states that all physical matter exhibits properties of electromagnetic wave. It is a wave in a slow vibration. Both energy and mass are functions of wave. Does wave have any correlation with gravity? Also can Consciousness be explained as a Wave? Can consciousness be “The Source” of Everything? This question can be asked another way. Can anything exist if there is No Consciousness? Does it?

Ok now, everything that is a wave, vibrates and has a frequency. Consciousness is made of thoughts which are energy and also flashes in our mind like a wave. Every thought brings an awareness of an emotion associated with it. This Emotion has a frequency. Higher the frequency, higher the thought. Now what is the the peak frequency of consciousness. Is there any higher feeling than love and ecstasy? Can we exist without love? Don’t we always want to do what we love? If yes than love is the highest frequency of Consciousness that we can perceive.

Then can gravity be explained as “Force of Love” of Consciousness that keeps all Matter Together?

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  1. Very Interesting, excellent read.

  2. Came across your blog sir and seems there is some extrapolation going on here, the video is about general relativity failing in the quantum world and isa well know contradiction in physics not any media not reporting thing as you have mentioned and is misleading. The video seems to be part of a larger video as well.
    “Our knowledge of a wave is also limited to the frequency we are able to perceive through our physical senses.” – Can any of your sense perceive radio waves? as it is? or electromagnetic waves as it is?

    Can infinite be explained? if explained can it be infinite?

    Sir your intent seems to be good but new agey…

    Regards from Calgary Canada

    • loveistheonlytruth

      Thank You for your Response Sir.

      – I wasn’t talking about this particular contradiciton/video that Media did not report. What I meant was, it is known for 100 years and has been a dead end ever since. It is just that this point of view has stagnated, out thought and yet maintained in the mainstream consciousness. And so that is what our schools still teach.

      You are right about the the second point. I admit have misspoken here. It would be more apt to say that “Our physical senses limit the frequency of the wave our mind perceives”. I will make an update. Thank You again for pointing out.

      As for Infinity, it cannot be explained in physical sense. And so, we need to look at it from a new perspective. In physical sense, we observe this Universe as inifinity. In its true sense, it itself is contained within the Consciousness. Infinity that we observe is simply One Conscious Super Mind, collective of all that exists within it.

      If you apply this model, you will see you are able to explain everything that Old Agey Physicists could not explain.

      Much Love.

  3. loveistheonlytruth

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  4. This site really has all of the information I wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

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