Is there a change in World Governance happening behind the scenes?

Only time will tell. If it is so, then perhaps soon enough. But thanks to the Remove the Shackles blog (RTS), who documented and presented a list of all the world leaders that have either quit or removed or fell sick. These leaders were in high positions and/or remain(ed) influential. For instance George Bush Sr. who remains sick and now 3 weeks in hospital. There is chatter that he directs and controls CIA. Ron Paul even said he is deep in drug traficking business. Now yes, he is an old man, in his 90s. How does that prove anything?

Well this list composed by RTS shows there have been quite a few resignations in world governance with links to MSM that you can check. It seems a good start.

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For the benefit of my readers, RTS blog owner is a lady who goes by pseudoname “D”. She would not reveal her real info, as she claims to have secret military and insider sources. She does not want to risk her life or her sources. Her purpose is to communicate that there is an insider battle going on where the good guys from Military and Pentagon are fighting the rogue government that is being run by a few gangsters who also created the Federal Reserve Bank and network of Central banks across the world controlled by the Nazi Rothschild family.

Also “D” answered some of her readers questions. Do check them out as well.
RTS answers readers questions

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