[Veterans Today Headlines] Did Mossad death squads slaughter American children at Sandy Hook?

From VT:

By Jim Fetzer and Press TV

When Press TV published my submission, they selected their own title, “Mossad death squads slaughtered American children at Sandy Hook”. I would have used, “Did Mossad ‘death squads’ slaughter American children at Sandy Hook?” No matter how provocative the title, however, there remains every reason to believe that what I wrote about Sandy Hook–and the pattern that this atrocity appears to reflect–is overwhelmingly closer to the truth than what we are being told by our own national press, which is displaying its profound prejudice against accuracy in media.

Here, for example, is a story from The Wisconsin State Journal (Sunday, December 23, 2012), “Debate leads to culture clash”, which represents the bare bones of the “official account”:

Early last Friday, authorities say, Adam Lanza shot his mother repeatedly in the head with her .22 calibre rifle as she lay in bed. He then drove to the elementary school, shot his way in and fired dozens of rounds into tow first-grade classes using her Bushmaster assault-type rifle. Some of the children were shot 11 times. He then shot and killed himself with one of her pistols.

But the story doesn’t bother to report that he was not known to have had any training in the use of handguns, much less assault rifles; that his body was found with two handguns lying beside it, while the Bushmaster was still in the car; and where the kind of accuracy in killing typified military experts, not that of young men of slight build who are most unlikely to have the marksmanship skills displayed in shooting 20 children and 6 adults. Or the fact that two other suspects were also identified, at least one of whom was apprehended–and possibly both (see below).

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  1. If all this is true about Sandy Hook, and it sure raises a lot of questions, couple this with the statements of the engineers, architects and scientists about 9/11 which led us into a war that benefited Israel. Remember the ‘dancing Israelis’ who turned out to be Mossad agents that celebrated when the planes hit the towers? Now what about the effort to disarm Americans? There is a war on the 2nd amendment led by the Left which is backed by the big bankers. International Bankers and their agents like Geo Soros, always back Socialism (which includes disarming the populace) and are the big bucks behind Israel. Is the attack on Sandy Hook another False Flag attack like 9/11? Remember the motto of the Mossad: “BY DECEPTION THOU SHALT DO WAR” For more vital info on the system behind the attack on America, read my book: PARASITE! Its on Amazon and you can get free copies with Kindle for the time being. God bless.

  2. loveistheonlytruth

    Thank you for your message Jimmy. There are sure lot of open qns regarding Sandy Hook and the propaganda is clear. You speak the truth. I applaud you on your efforts with your book. I wish you many readers. Your comments are greatly appreciated here. Much Love.

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