Did Anonymous Stop Karl Rove from Rigging the Election for GOP

Karl Rove has been the Republican campaign manager since Bush era. After rigging two elections for the Republicans, For GW Bush Jnr. in 2000, then again for him in 2004, he thought he could obviously do it again in Nov 2012 for Romney when it mattered most for the elitist agenda.

Look at the Karl Rove melt down on Nov 06 2012 Election night.

So what happened here? Was he not allowed to steal election this time? If he would have, what were the implications for the world? A war with Iran? Iran is the source of oil for India and China without using petro dollars. No wonder they would not stop trading with Iran.

Here is a warning from Anonymous to Karl Rove given on Oct 22 2012.

There was a report from “The White Hats” who claim to be the Oathkeepers, served in high positions of intelligence in past and now serve no other but the US Constitution and Liberty and pledge defend it from all threats, foreign or domestic. That report said that they were able to activate install the firewall to block Karl Roves analysts from entering the network of the Private corporation that was in charge of electronic vote counts for the state of Florida.

Here is a report from RTnews throwing further light on this.

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