The One People’s Public Trust Announcement


American Kabuki has just posted documents and announcements from a trust called “THE ONE PEOPLE’S PUBLIC TRUST” aka “THE PEOPLE”S TRUST 1776”

The website of the documents can be seen at

Reading the announcement:

My Commentary: There are announcements of similar nature coming forth from multiple alternative media sources to the people of the world and their governments about the Release of a Public Trust Funds. The trust has a window in which it needs to be announced, however if it is blocked by the banks or the government, as it has been in the past, the window is closed and the announcement is not made. My hope is this time, it will be different for the benefit of “We the People” as battles are being fought behind the scenes.

Check these links for more information on these announcements:

The following is the link of emails sent out to the Banks, the Governments and other departments of authorities about the imminent disclosure:

To me it is an interesting development. I will believe it when I see it for real, but there is no bad price to wish for something good. we can only bring a true change if we dream from open eyes and Miracles are just a change of perception..from Fear to Love. If people are crazy enough to kill vast numbers for money, then there are crazy ones on the other side too who work arduously to bring love, happiness and abundance for all.

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