Poland becomes eighth EU country to ban Monsanto maize


Warsaw – As a result of bans on cultivation of genetically modified crops, that were introduced by the government today, from January 28 2013, planting GMO crops will not be allowed. Many environmental organizations as well as farmers and scientists can see it as a success, pointing out that it is not yet the final step to eliminate GMOs from the environment and from our food.

The Council of Ministers has adopted today, prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, regulations which prohibit cultivation on the Polish territories two genetically modified crops – MON 810 maize from Monsanto and BASF Amflora potato. [1]. Thus, the government has complied with the publicly made assurances that despite lifting the ban on the marketing of genetically modified seeds in the amended Seed Act, the cultivation of these plants will not be admitted to our field. In this way, Poland joined the EUs eight countries, including agricultural powers such as France and Germany, which have banned the cultivation of GMOs in their territory. [2].

“The introduction of these regulations is our great success and gives us enormous satisfaction. For eight years, along with scientists and farmers, we encouraged successive Polish governments to take this step, providing evidence of the dangers of this technology. We are pleased that the government has kept their word and joined the group of progressive countries where GM crops are banned. However, this is not the end of our campaign. Now we need to make sure that the European Commission does not manage to lift the Polish bans like it ineffectively attempted to do earlier, when other countries introduced similar bans. We have to also make sure crops will be effectively controlled, and the ban on cultivation observed”, says Joanna Miś, campaign coordinator STOP GMO, Greenpeace Poland.

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