The Silver Price is 100% Rigged By Computers from these 9 Banks

From Bix Weir:

I have a goal this year.

It is to stop the blatant manipulation of silver. For a long time we didn’t know who was doing it or how they were doing it but now we know. We know EVERYTHING!

These are the 9 banks that rig the silver market…

Bank of America
Credit Suisse
JP Morgan
Deutsche Bank
Societe Generale

These banks dominate 99% of the silver trading volume through computer programs trading back and forth to each other in order to control the price of silver.

These banks have also been implicated in the LIBOR rate fixing scandal working out of the same location as the LBMA Silver trading offices in London!

The below interview outlines the game and below the interview is a letter I sent to the CFTC demanding their assistance in ending the manipulation of silver.

The Silver Price is 100% Rigged By Computers from these 9 Banks

I know that many have given up on the CFTC but I WILL not give up until they do their job. Send them my letter or write your own.

It’s where the battle had begin and where it must end.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

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