Sandy Hook – The Truth (Controversial Documentary) [VIDEO]

Note from the Video Publisher:

I created this video because obviously the puzzle pieces are floating around, it’s time someone starts putting them all together. This video contains nothing but facts. The only questionable point is the “moving car.” Still, I decided to cover it as it has had no coverage whatsoever. The goal of this video is to raise awareness

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  1. dude you missed the pic of grace making the hand symbol of the devil / illuminati

  2. I had a question .. the funerals … how many were open casket? you mean to tell me that Adam (if he was really the “lone shooter” was able to shoot all of them so badly that they ALL required a closed casket funeral? We never heard how many were or were not did we?

    • loveistheonlytruth

      Spot On Dennis. With Anderson Cooper on CNN making a lame attempt to classify unanswered questions as a “theory” has now made more people go searching for the truth. I am again getting lot of hits on this video.

  3. Dear Sir
    When a incident has taken place the law enforcement do not give any information – media claims their “sources from law enforcement” , which could be well non-existent yellow journalism, media is also running a business and in chaos like this contradictory statement comes out, Like for example very initial report said mom was teacher, same media then changed it later.

    Please read this Sir –

    A nice article –


  4. loveistheonlytruth

    Eric, If the media is not sure of its source, should it not get to bottom of it instead of reporting falsely. Then why would a law enforcement hide the mode of weapon used, only to reveal a different story later. Then even if we overlook the ever changing story to suite the propaganda of gun control there are still huge amounts of unanswered questions and videos have surfaced like the Sandy Hook memorial fund created prior to the incident. How do we explain that? And why is there a court gag order on the Aurora shooting case? Is it a matter of national security? The problem is whenever someone makes a public appearance with an intention to work for true benefit of people, they are either crucified or mysteriously killed, while we see our liberties taken away from us in the name of “our” security. One at a time.

  5. Where is the Sandy Hook memorial fund created before the incident source pls?

    Did you read the neurologica blog it says – “This is standard police procedure – to carefully control the flow of information so as not to compromise their investigation. Unlike the media, the police do not want to release any information until it is completely verified. Further they can decide to protect the rights of certain individuals by not releasing certain information. This is standard procedure – not evidence of a cover up.”

  6. Another thing Sir I presumed you are from USA but your last statement “while we see our liberties taken away from us in the name of “our” security. One at a time.” makes me doubt it – I am so sorry to hear that your country is taking away your liberties – I guess it is Iran or North Korea – anyway hope your get your liberties back soon.

  7. loveistheonlytruth

    Eric, here is the video..i posted earlier..Pls chek it out..

    I understand the need of police to make sure they give the right information. I do not understand in media to put out wrong info or without confirming frm their source. Or ur saying police first knowingly gives out wrong info and then the right info? In this case, I cannot imagine how hard it is to ascertain whether the gun found next to his body was glock or assault and which gun was found in the trunk. I dont think they wud need to look tht up under a lens now wud it?

    With all due respect, I hope u do not come to ur conclusions like u did as to where i am from? What does US constitution protect? liberties? What is Patriot Law and NDAA? When the TSA is feeling too feel up someones wife, is it not an attack on their liberty? Now they r coming after our guns. i am pretty sure they will have a good case when they will come after our free speech as well. I hope u dont think Lincoln and Kennedy assassination were a case of lone gunmen as well.

    Peace Bro..

  8. Blogs and Websites do not work with Time as you might think,,,the page in question merely was converted to the Sandy Hook incident on a page that contained the date of an older post. Sub Domains dates have to be changed MANUALLY. This is nothing new.The Author of the page only changed the page content, the header, and merely forgot to type in the Date. If this where a PHP data contained site,,AND could have changed the post Forgetting to change the Date
    P.S. It also takes a week for search engines at times to reveal the actual time of a new page, and when Google search Archives it it looks for that page by LINK not title,,If it cannot find the Title it will follow Content Header Information. In this case it follows the Link Attribute which would have clearly been a sub-domain re-written modified pre-existing page. And while being a Sub Domain would have explained the Date wrong within Google Search Engines. This was done to allow quick search.

    The picture is clearly of the elder sister wearing Emily’s dress

    People who are coming up with all this and not giving it a thought have a lot of inner turmoil that they need to attend to first.

    I fly a lot within north america and europe as well – I am sure you fly as well too and know that- the TSA has a body scanner and when they need to body search they do of the same sex – just like they do in some night clubs – my daughter and wife have been searched but they said it was a professional and nothing sexual – i guess it is a mindset thing.

    Patriot Law is a step towards deterring schizophrenics not to attack USA and NDAA is defense budget – what about it?

  9. loveistheonlytruth

    I am sorry to argue here Eric but I actually happen to be from this field, so I know how this works.

    When you perform a search, the results do not show the timestamp of when the domain/subdomains were created but when the page was published or modified.

    Now it is possible, that the google can show the date when the page was initially published or when it was last modified. However there is no way for google to get a timestamp for a result page prior to that page ever being published.

    Now say if a subdomain was created on Dec 11 and they even had “published” pages under it. Then it is very unlikely that a developer would first change the sub-domain name and then they change the page content as well. If a content is published, it must have some value. It would make more sense to make a new one.

    Also for developers to delete old entries or create new does not cost more than a couple clicks. To change content for something that already exists would however be laborious.

    It would be wrong to say that Search Engine would source the content description of the page but not the published or last modified date.

    Now I also noticed that you copy pasted someone else’s comment from the youtube page. So I request you to ask someone else who you may personally know about this to verify what I say is true or not.

    Under the defense budget act, they also allowed the FEDS, as of Jan 1, 2012 to detain US citizens on suspicion of terrorism to detain for eternity without due trial. Mere suspicion is enough. It is an extension of Patriot Act.

  10. loveistheonlytruth

    Oh Eric, have u ever heard of radiation exposure ever being a cause of cancer? No wonder we still don’t have a sure shot cure for it. Most cases the chemotherapy causes other cells to go cancerous. Also cancer is a great business these days ain’t it?

    Regarding Emily’s (younger not older, Emily was the eldest) sister being in photo with Obama, I personally think she looks more like the little girl in white dress.

  11. greetings..

    Yes his writing coined what i wanted to say…

    Google search results timestamp is last crawled date for the domain and gets it based on last indexed – the content when updated later will still show the last crawled date it is that simple my friend. And yes i am also a minor in CS in addition to physics

    I meant the pig tailed girl in the family portrait is the one wearing Emily’s dress with Obama – or r u saying she is alive?

    Cancer, Aids, etc r nemesis drug companies find how to suppress the illness only. though stage 1, 2 cancers are being quite often been treated well… for other illness if they find a cure how will the sell seems their moto.

    people are gullible to both media at one end and alternate media at the other – behind all this is an under current of inner turmoil which make them vulnerable

    – good night have a class to take tomorrow.

  12. loveistheonlytruth

    Sorry Eric to disagree again. But if what you said is how google search engine works, then all pages under a domain would display same timestamp, no matter when a page was published. This is clearly not the case.

    If one would stay in comfort zone to keep life simple and not think for themselves then the media would lead you to believe the oppressors as the victims. Don’t take my word for it. Follow the money. 6 corporations in US control 90% of the media. In 90s there were 50 corporations.

    And for sure they have resources to hire disinfo agents in alternate media so it is good to discern.

    Have a good night.

    • Hi there – well I do not think you understand the crawling technology fully – refer this –

      pay attention to crawling and indexing there is tons of information there to explain what i was saying.

      One is a victim if you allow someone to, one is victim of regular media someone is to alternate media
      – I have a cousin on FB, twitter who posts at least 10 post a day about alternate stuff some of our kins blocked his posts simply because he is a victim, does not do any deep analysis/rationalizing and just believes, he has martial issues deep within he has 2 kids and a job he does not like and has plenty of time to look into all this stuff.

      He talks about govt etc and control stuff which is all right, but then he lets alcohol and cigarettes control him, he sleeps with a gun under his pillow as he is scared someone will get to him – I told him Your letting Jack Daniels and Marlboro Reds control You what are you talking about control grow out of it first – He talks about love, spirituality etc – I told him first love you own self then talk about all this to others – No one needs to be enlightened by You – first be Enlightened 🙂 , but he is like that after all my wife’s brother 😀

      This is from personal experience – anyway

      it is always good to question but with a rational mind – keep Your search on and thanks for your thoughts and replies adios.

  13. loveistheonlytruth

    I only feel u send me this link coz ur unable to state ur own point.

    Thanks for sending it anyways.
    Wish you n ur coz the best. TC.

  14. How could they have possibly pulled off Sandy Hoax? The official story is 27 people were killed and the perpetrator committed suicide but under persistent scrutiny that story doesn’t hold up.

    If there was a hoax at Sandy Hook I would take a very close look at the two relocation companies: Cartus and Prudential. In the year 2009 several homes were sold in Sandy Hook on the same day. Many residents moved away only to returned later along with some fresh new faces. Did some of them know what was about to occur? Why was there a new influx of so many new people to Sandy Hook. Cartus is in the business of relocation so they might know the answer to that question. They could be key player in the hoax along with the DHS and the UN. The logistics of an operation of that size would need the co-operation of all of them or combination there-of. There are so many ways this could have played out. There could have been injuries during the event in which case it would be considered a false flag or perhaps there were no injuries. Either way, it would have taken a vast amount of planning to accomplish.

    Do you remember the Keating Five banking scandal? Charles Keating’s brother is Frank Keating. Frank Keating is President and CEO of American Bankers Association and Director of the Bipartisan Policy Center. The Bipartisan Policy Group choose who heads Realogy which is the parent company of Cartus.The Bipartisan Group chose Richard Smith to head Cartus and coincidently Daniel Keating also works for Cartus. It’s a good bet all three Keatings are related. Cartus has an office located in Danbury. Governor Malloy was a guest speaker there recently. Small world isn’t it?

    If you take a closer look at some of the other names on Bipartisans board of directors (see link) you’ll find links to big banks, the military, Aspen (Carnegy group), Rockefeller. Walter Isaacson is the president and CEO of the Aspen Institute. The Aspen Institute is largely funded by foundations such as the Carnegie Corporation, The Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Ford Foundation, by seminar fees, and by individual donations. Its board of trustees includes leaders from politics, government, business and academia who also contribute to its support. Board members of Aspen include Madeleine Albright, Sylvia Earle, Henry Louis Gates, David Gergen, David H. Koch, Queen Noor of Jordan, and Condoleezza Rice. Walter Isaacson is President and CEO.

    Mortimer Zuckerman CEO, Boston Properties, Inc. Co-Chair, BPC Cyber Security Task Force is also on the Bipartisan board of Directors. Zuckerman and Cyber Security. See all the connections? Folks, I think we are getting close now. I’ve included the links below to support this. Now do you see the scale of this? You can clearly see that there’s nothing bipartisan about the Bipartisan group. This is one powerful group of men and women. Jason Grumet President

    I also mentioned I am interested in Prudential and Prudential Relocation. They’re no angels either. They provide a lot of different services. During an investigation into Prudential Securities Incorporated it was found they defrauded investors of close to $8 BILLION, the largest fraud found by the SEC in US history to that point. The SEC charged that Prudential allowed rogue executives to cheat customers on a large scale and blithely ignored a 1986 SEC order to overhaul its internal enforcement of securities laws. In all, some 400,000 individual investors lost money on the deals.

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