Lost 13th Amendment

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Lost 13th Amendment (Taken from http://lightworker29501.com/lost-13th-amendment/)

Initial Research

During the David Wilcock interview of Pentagon insider, “Drake,” references were made to how the “missing” 13th Amendment to the US Constitution could set individual states free from the grips of the US Federal Reserve. Coming from outside the USA, I had to do a little digging to see what the we now know as the 13th Amendment was all about. I discovered the following:

1. The 13th amendment made slavery and involuntary servitude illegal everywhere in the United States.
2. One cannot be forced to work to pay off a debt. This is called peonage.
3. One cannot be threatened to work off a debt.
4. If there is a debt between two people, the person the owes the other person has to volunteer or agree to work off the debt.
5. Congress has the duty and responsibility for enforcing this amendment.

A Big Surprise!

During follow-up research, to corroborate my findings, I made a huge discovery. The amendment to abolish slavery was actually the 14th Amendment. The original 13th Amendment was secretly removed during the War of 1812. The original 13th Amendment was discovered in 1983 by David Dodge and Tom Dunn in a Belfast Library on the coast of Maine. They uncovered the United States Constitution printed in 1825, which was to prohibit lawyers from serving in government.

Since this Amendment was never officially removed from US law, it is stil on the books, and still in effect. How many Congressmen or Senators do you know who came from careers as lawyers?

Read all about it here.




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