Bix Weir – Friday Road Trip


Friday Road Trip 1/11/2013
Bix Weir

Electronic Market Riggers BEWARE…Your Firewalls are on FIRE!

The long held view on the Road to Roota is that Alan Greenspan and Stephen Devaux wrote the original computer programs in the 1960’s and 1970’s to rig the markets in order to prolong the transition to a true Gold Standard. Somewhere along the line, probably in the early 1980’s, the major banks took over that rigging system and it has been controlled by the Banksters ever since.

So it makes since that the original rigging apparatus, computers, will be used to TAKE DOWN that system in the end. That’s what we are beginning to see now. The curtain is being pulled away. The Bernie Madoff take down was a major disruption to the bad guys as much of their computer rigging was done in the bottom floors of his office. It wasn’t what was portrayed in the media…a $50B con by a single man but rather a hundreds of billion dollars mafia like control center rigging markets via computer around the world. Madoff was just the front man.

Now that process of taking down the computer rigging mechanisms continues with the latest revelation…

Bats Says System Errors Caused Pricing Problems Over 4 Years

“Bats Global Markets Inc., the third- largest U.S. stock exchange operator, said its computers allowed trades that violated rules intended to ensure all investors get the best prices for equities over a period of four years.”

“Machines that match orders for two Bats equity exchanges and an options venue allowed some trades to occur at prices inferior to the best available bid or offer and enabled others to violate rules for short sales, or bearish bets, the company said in a notice published on its website yesterday.”

“Once again, we see there’s a problem with electronic systems, this time an exchange system,” Larry Harris, a finance and business economics professor at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and former chief economist at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, said in a phone interview. “Bats will get a lot of scrutiny from the SEC at a time when nobody wants that kind of attention. That said, it’s important to recognize that Bats itself identified the problem and brought it to public attention and to the attention of regulators.”

Wait a minute…didn’t Madoff turn himself in just as the pressure was heating up? Sound very similar to the Madoff situation. Matter of fact, wasn’t there a Madoff connection to BATS back in 2008? As usual lets follow the bread crumbs…

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