CNNs Anderson Cooper makes a lame attempt at debunking Sandy Hook massacre open questions as “Conspiracy Theory”

Here is the video from CNNs Anderson Cooper trying to debunk the Conspiracy regarding Sandy Hook shooting that has took of on internet with zillions of unanswered questions. He goes after a Professor who put on his blog that the whole incident may have been work of Crisis Actors. Watch:

Now it is understandable if this professor does not want to speak on this publicly as he is perhaps threatened of vilification. Question to Anderson, you could not find another public guy who is asking serious question? Heard of Ben Swann?

There is a whole set of unanswered questions, but he only makes his arguments based on emotions rather than facts. He implores the public that it is morally wrong to think like this. Well, I had an interesting question posed by one of the commentors at my blog.

Among the funerals, how many were open casket? Do you guys mean to tell us that Adam (if he was really the “lone shooter”) was able to shoot all of them so badly that they ALL required a closed casket funeral?”

Well this is only one among many open questions. In the CNN video, he shows the pic of the Robbie Parker and family and claims the girl with Obama was Emily’s little sister. Really? Here’s the video that I had posted earlier that sheds more light on this pic and ofcourse there are more unanswered questions. Watch:

I am sure the he would have done their research before pursuing this story. That is what he claimed to do. Did he really intend to convince any “conspiracy theorist” that these questions are baseless or was it another attempt to spread his propaganda to those who would still listen and believe CNN?

Lastly, here is a posting from Yahoo News I came across that was published on October 2012.

Active Shooter Crisis Actors Target Mall Shootings via Visionbox
Yahoo Finance

I have reblogged the source here:


DENVER, CO–(Marketwire – Oct 31, 2012) – A new group of actors is now available nationwide for active shooter drills and mall shooting full-scale exercises, announced Visionbox, Denver’s leading professional actors studio.

Visionbox Crisis Actors are trained in criminal and victim behavior, and bring intense realism to simulated mass casualty incidents in public places.

The actors’ stage acting experience, ranging from Shakespeare to contemporary American theater, enables them to “stay in character” throughout an exercise, and improvise scenes of extreme stress while strictly following official exercise scenarios.

The actors regularly rehearse scenarios involving the Incident Command System and crisis communications, and appear in interactive training films produced in both 2D and stereoscopic 3D.

Producers Jennifer McCray-Rincon and John Simmons formed the group to demonstrate emerging security technologies, help first responders visualize life-saving procedures, and assist trainers in delivering superior hands-on crisis response training.

For example, with a large shopping center, the producers review all security camera views and design dramatic scenes specifically for existing camera angles, robotic camera sweeps, and manually-controlled camera moves.

The producers then work with the trainers to create a “prompt book” for the actors so that key scenario developments can be triggered throughout the mall shooting simulation, and caught on tape.

The actors can play the part of the shooters, mall employees, shoppers in the mall, shoppers who continue to arrive at the mall, media reporters and others rushing to the mall, and persons in motor vehicles around the mall.

Visionbox Crisis Actors can also play the role of citizens calling 911 or mall management, or posting comments on social media websites.

During the exercise, the producers use two-way radio to co-direct the Crisis Actors team from the mall dispatch center and at actors’ locations.

Within this framework, the exercise can test the mall’s monitoring and communications systems, the mall’s safety plan including lockdown and evacuation procedures, the ability of first responders and the mall to coordinate an effective response, and their joint ability to respond to the media and information posted on the Internet.

Security camera footage is edited for after-action reports and future training.
For more information visit and

Visionbox is a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center. Crisis Actors is a project of the Colorado Safety Task Force established by Colorado State Senator Steve King.

Nathan Bock
Amanda Brown
(720) 810-1641
Email Contact


Lastly, I am not sure if all that are involved were Crisis Actors. But it is quite clear, that a few indeed were, the biggest shining example is Robbie Parker. And how would it work that media, govt and law enforcement would come together to create this event? Let me explain in simple terms. Someone hires the crisis actors on direction of CIA. They also bribe/order the law enforcement involved at the scene to change the story based on what they want people to know. We saw the critical pieces in story change many times.

For example first, the shooter used glock and the assault gun was in his car. Then it changed to assault rifle being found next to his body. Then they told us his mother worked in the school. Later it was found she never did. There was footage of 2 more guys getting arrested initially but then that story disappeared and no questions were asked. The school children said on air that they heard a loud noise of someone breaking in the door but it later changed to firing of 100s of rounds of bullets.

The media is a corporation. Like all corporations, it is a top down structure. The “journalists” are well paid contractors. They are not reporters, rather repeaters. They repeat their orders and ask the questions to the people they are told to ask. They might not be even aware some of those folks are crisis actors. They do not need to know. They are not paid to ask their own questions. If they do, they are history.

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  1. anderson, the mother says it takes 9 months to grow a baby and an ak15 to take it away who says that? cuz I would have said a madman with a gun

  2. loveistheonlytruth

    Spot On Wendy. Which mother would blame a gun at that point instead of the person who did it? So perhaps another crisis actor..Thanks for your comment.

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