December 21, 2012: Romance and Reality

David Wilcock 13 January 2013


Finally — a major new summary of how our thoughts on the Law of One, the fourth-density shift and Ascension have evolved in the post-Mayan Calendar end-date world.

Here, we discuss the “romance” versus the “reality” of what has happened.


There are over 180,000 documented cases of people transforming into the “Rainbow Body” in Tibet and India alone.

This phenomenon has continued straight through into modern times.

As I reveal in The Source Field Investigations, this has been witnessed, scrutinized and investigated by Father Tiso, a Catholic priest, as well as members of the Chinese military in recent times.


In each of these cases, a human being of flesh and blood is transformed into a “Light Body” — and gains the ability to walk between this physical world and the afterlife.

In some cases, people transform all at once — spontaneously.

However, in many other instances, their bodies gradually shift into pure, rainbow light while they are wrapped in a shroud — over the course of seven days.


These people were invariably working in highly advanced spiritual disciplines. There was nothing “accidental” about what happened to them.

They were meditating, contemplating, and doing their best to love, forgive and accept themselves and others — and to see the Universe, and their own greater identity, as the One Infinite Creator.

They had reached a point where they mastered what this level of existence is here to teach us. That gave them the power to move into the “Ascended” state.

This is not at all what happens when most people die.

Nor is this “Light Body” the same as what we naturally become after our physical death. It’s literally a quantum leap in human evolution.

Father Tiso wanted this phenomenon studied more seriously.

He felt that this knowledge could help transform the lives and spiritual paths of people in the Western world.


Over 30 different ancient cultures, worldwide, were given the exact same message.

They were told to study a 25,920-year cycle in the Earth. We have written about this in most of our recent articles here at, in David’s Blog.

This message was ‘encoded’ into various ancient mythologies, using symbolism and technical detail — including highly specific numbers.

These messages were hidden in ways the local people themselves obviously did not understand.

These cultures invariably got this information from human-looking ‘Gods’ who had extraordinary capabilities — including telepathy, telekinesis and levitation.

Consistently, they were told that at the end of this cycle, an energetic shift would occur — which would allow us to develop the same abilities that these master teachers already had.

Instead of having to meditate in a cave for 40 years, when this cycle comes to an end, the shift is automatic — providing that you’re ready for it.

I first read about this worldwide ‘encoded’ message in Graham Hancock’s classic, Fingerprints of the Gods, right after I graduated college in 1995.

It is a major feature of my own epic research work, The Source Field Investigations, as well.

Despite the awesome scholarship that went into this discovery, it has hardly ever been explored — or even mentioned.

I have called special attention to it in my videos and articles for several years now.


The cycle re-boot, where we shift into the Age of Aquarius, was expected to begin in or around the year 2012 in Western astrology.

Each “Age of the Zodiac” is 2,160 years long — adding up to a total of 25,920 years.

We are not only entering a new Age of the Zodiac now — we are beginning an entirely new 25,920-year cycle.

The correspondence between this shift-point and the Mayan Calendar, on the opposite side of the Atlantic, in a supposedly isolated area, has always been fascinating.

In the Mayan Calendar, the new cycle begins on or around December 21, 2012.

The ancient prophecies clearly indicated that this will usher in a Golden Age.

The Golden Age prophecies are very grandiose. They go far beyond the idea of us having technology like smartphones and Internet access.

In this world, we develop all the abilities that were once only seen to occur within the “Gods”.

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