Tom Heneghan Update About Iraqi Dinar


Sunday January 13, 2013

by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

Where is the Iraqi Dinar Now plus Protocol Update, 1 of 4

UNITED States of America – It can now be reported that trillions of unmarked Iraqi dinar currency is currently being recycled from various worldwide banks, including U.S. Citibank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, UBS Switzerland, along with the Snakehill Bank of Australia.

Reference: There is also a tie in to American International Group (AIG) and its holding company Starr International.

At this hour, the Iraqi dinar is being placed back into the Central Bank of Iraq without IMF supervision.

This latest money laundry represents an entire world economic reset as SAC Capital, Knight Capital, and the noted gangster bank JP Morgan Chase face huge cross-collateralized derivative exposure.

Note: The derivatives are worthless and about to be called on.

If you are a stock market investor look out below.

These crooked JP Morgan bets, which involve illegal credit spreads and fraudulent forward sales of precious metal contracts, have a direct tie in to the noted London Whale JP Morgan trading debacle.

We can now also divulge that JP Morgan and the London Whale used illegal cross-collateralized credit spread derivatives as margin in an attempt to rig aka depreciate and rig the price of silver and gold.

P.S. At this hour the U.S. Provost Marshal, along with the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency, are being blocked by U.S. Justice Department officials in regards to pursuing evidence that now links the U.S. State Department aka U.S. Department of Commerce, the government of Turkey, and the U.S. based American-Turkish Council in using the unregistered CIA outpost in Benghazi, Libya as a major money laundry center in the illegal trafficking of both arms and narcotics to both sides involved in the current civil war in Syria.

We can also reveal the last man to see Ambassador Christopher Stevens alive was none other than the Turkish Ambassador to Libya.

We can now report that both Stevens and the Turkish Ambassador to Libya had engaged in a serious argument aka a shouting match the same day that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was assassinated.

Read Parts 2, 3 and 4 Here

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  1. Tom Heneghan – I sincerely believe you need to continue taking your medication, or stop being a schill and reporting fiction that could get people killed. I now believe you are a disinfo agent due to personal knowledge of Snakehill Principality in Australia which has NOTHING to do with any of this crap. Snakehill seceded from Australia due to Government sanctioned property theft and worse. This smacks of Government propaganda to mislead people & blind them to the truth of what is really going on. You are a joke Tom and this article is a very sick joke.

  2. loveistheonlytruth

    Thanks for your comment Debra. Just curious, he is saying the unmarked Iraqi Dinars being recycled from SnakeHill Bank. Now it may not be under the control of Australian gov, but does also mean it would not have any IRQ Dinars in his holdings? Do you happen to know who controls the bank now?

    I ask coz i noticed other sources that have nothing to do with Tom Henegan saying something similar about RV.


  3. As you your questions –
    NO Snakehill Bank does NOT have any Dinars in it’s holdings & never has.

    Yes I do know who controls the Bank personally.

    Snakehill was also NOT involved in the invasion of Iraq either so have nothing to gain from it.

    Iraq was invaded because of the large holdings of US dollars & Gold & the oil they could steal. You don’t need to believe any one of us here in Australia, all you need to do is contact or go into any Bank & ask to buy or sell Iraqi Dinars – NO BANK will touch them or trade in them & they will tell you that they are not allowed to as they are NOT a tradable currency – their ONLY value is as a collectors item such as other dead currencies such as the USSR rouble & the Confederate States Dollar or any ancient coin from Greece or Rome.

  4. loveistheonlytruth

    I understand what you mean Deb. I did infact contact my bank and they told me what you just said.

    You could be right in your views about Tom. I am not disputing that. I would use still keep an open mind.

  5. Of course you can keep an open mind – just not an open wallet would be my advice.

    As far as calling himself an “International Intelligence Expert” goes I doubt he has much intelligence nor a Mensa member… No-one in this profession would have public social media pages – think about it….That doesn’t take a genius to work out…

  6. loveistheonlytruth

    Thanks for your advice Debra. Myspace allows users to open fake accounts. Tom Heneghan might not be his real name. What is Mensa member may I ask?

  7. Any good reporter knows to be able to back up his story.
    This is nothing more than libelous slander worthy of a defamation suit.
    I would personally like to request to see some proof of his allegations – if no proof is forthcoming, then a public retraction and apology is at least required.

  8. as for your question on a Mensa member =- check out this link

  9. loveistheonlytruth

    Thank you Debra. Will chek it out over this weekend. Wud love to hear ur thots on it as well.

  10. funny how Tom did another article about 20 mins after this radio show went to air & basically did a retraction regarding Snakehill Bank – note at the end of his post – I suggest you have a chat to Tom rather than me on this issue… I had always thought he was a supporter of Lee (Leo) Wanta & had been for years but now I have to wonder where he is getting his info from…?

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