High Financial Affairs – The Battle for Control of the Global Financial System


My Comment: I recommend reading this post on the original source link. Click Here. I reblogged a part of it but the original source has good images, documents and links to good effect.

This article essentially brings to question the credibility of some of the prominent people who have brought forth information w.r.t the financial battle that is raging behind the scenes which has come in public consciousness since Nov 2011 in the alternative media circuit. The reason for this is average readers can use this information (or I should say pertinent questions that need answers) to discern against the disinformation, if there is.

Also it sheds light on the nature of history of control from these same sources have been actually found to be credible.

The history is vast and takes time to research and understand. If you haven’t read New Tomorrow’s articles that outline the history of the financial horror story we live in, both parts one and two are MUST reads.

Part One: http://newtomorrow.us/main.html
Part two: http://newtomorrow.us/part2.html

I am just going to post the Conclusion as it seems to be a good summary of the important points that were discussed.


There are tremendous amounts of historical records that exist to prove the following:

*Operation Golden Lily was real. There is a very good reason why the history books choose to gloss over Japan’s genocidal agenda throughout Southeast Asia, which was every bit as brutal as the Nazis’ rape of Europe. Emperor Hirohito of Japan faced no punishment in the aftermath of the war, despite being the man responsible for the deaths of millions of people. Also, the foundation of Golden Lily seems to go as far back as 1921, when the young Japanese Emperor spent several months touring Europe and meeting in secret with the leading figures in the nobility families throughout the continent. It stands to reason that the plan for Golden Lily was drawn up at this time.

*World War II appears to have been a massive gold grab: The Nazis plundered Europe, the Japanese plundered Southeast Asia, and the Allied forces in turn plundered both totalitarian regimes. To the victor go the spoils.

*The story behind the so-called tales of Yamashita’s Gold were true. As the tide of the War changed, and Japan suddenly found their shipping routes cut off by the advance of General MacArthur’s naval forces in the Pacific, the Japanese found themselves unable to ship their stolen wealth back to Tokyo. Thus, enormous sums of precious metals and other treasure were buried throughout the Philippines by the Japanese Imperial Family led by Prince Chichibu, brother of Emperor Hirohito.

*The Black Eagle Trust fund was real. It appears as though certain sums of metals plundered by the allies were taken and stashed away in 170+ shadow bank accounts in more than forty nations.

*Project Hammer was real. The main goal of this project appears to have been the hostile corporate takeover of the former Soviet Union from the inside out. It appears as though Project Hammer was funded primarily by 73,000 tonnes of gold plundered from Malacanang Palace in the Philippines in 1986 upon the removal of Ferdinand Marcos from power. There is also a compelling body of evidence that exists which suggests that one of the main motivations behind the attacks on 9/11 was to ‘clear’ $240 billion dollars in bonds which were issued as a means of backing this corporate takeover of the U.S.S.R. Exposing the source of these bonds would have invariably led to the discovery of the existence of the Black Eagle Trust Fund. It also appears that the targeting of the Office of Naval Intelligence within the Pentagon may have played a key role in this massive cover-up.

*In regards to the existence of the ‘Global Collateral Accounts’ or the impending implementation of the ‘World Global Settlements’, this is where the entire affair becomes quite murky. There are said to exist U.S. Federal Reserve Notes and Federal Reserve

Bonds which, when tallied together, run up into the thousands of trillions of dollars. These bonds are said to have been issued to the Kuomintang Government in 1928 and again in 1934 in return for vast sums of precious metals shipped to the Federal Reserve Bank (via the UBS and the Bank for International Settlements) for ‘safe keeping’. Additional bonds are said to have been issued in 1968 and again in 1998. All of these bonds are purported to have an interest rate of 4% per annum. When one considers that China is said to own up to 90% of all U.S. debt, one begins to wonder just how this situation has come into being, and whether or not the issuance of these bonds may somehow play into this. As one intelligence operative has put it,

“Did that U.S. additional collateral agreement involve the U.S. layering several federal agencies to conduct its secret program to recover all missing legacy international U.S. Federal Reserve Bank Notes Bonds and Certificates that the U.S. Department of the Treasury claims never existed?

How much more did it cost the U.S. to fulfill its increasing foreign debt to China?

What role has the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank Board System, U.S. Department of the Treasury, U.S. Bureau of the Public Debt, U.S. Foreign Policy and other federal office peripheral participations played in costly consequences?”

The true owners of these vast sums of metals are known collectively as the ‘Dragon Family’, a centuries-old secret society that is said to exist above and beyond any political parties operating in Communist China and other Southeast Asian nations. When one considers the fact that the vast majority of politicians in the Western world are themselves merely puppets on strings being controlled from much higher places, (i.e. by members of secret societies), it does not strain credibility to believe that such societies also exist in Asia; and have for centuries, if not millennia. In the modern age, the head of this Dragon Family is said to be a one General Haan. Another figure said to hold significant power is General Wong Long Siu, who is possibly tied to the throne as Emperor of China (again, well above the current political spectrum within the Communist party; much the same way that the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. are merely puppets having their strings pulled by others). Benjamin Fulford had at one time reported upon a one Naoshi Onodera, who is said to be making a claim to the throne of Japan in opposition to current ruler Emperor Akihito. When one considers that Akihito is the son of Hirohito (now deceased), a genocidal maniac who oversaw the murder of millions of people as part of Operation Golden Lily, such a claim does not strain credibility.

If all of this is true, and if the Dragon Family truly does exist, then they are doing quite a bang-up job of remaining hidden in a world in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to abscond from public view.

In regards to the so-called ‘White Dragon Society’, another Asian secret society which purports to wield great power and influence: Benjamin Fulford is the only individual on record who has come forward with any information pertaining to this group. Whether or not this man Chodoin Daikaku is in any way affiliated with this group is unknown. As with the Dragon Family, the White Dragon Society, if it truly exists, has managed to keep itself very well hidden, and there is no information available on this group in the public sector outside of what Benjamin Fulford has reported. What is most certainly true is the existence of the Black Dragon Society, which at one time during the 20th century wielded great political power in China; though very little information exists today to tell us just exactly how much influence this group wields in the 21st century Asian world.

In regards to the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, supposedly signed by President John F. Kennedy and Indonesian President Soekarno, in which many thousands of tonnes of precious metals were released from the Global Collateral Accounts as a means by which to back a new U.S. Treasury note/Greenback: There are said to exist at least three different versions of this agreement. While this agreement may provide the ‘missing link’ that so many have been searching for in regards to Kennedy’s signing of Executive Order 11110, the validity of this document must be brought into question; particularly when one considers that the document is written in very poor English, with obvious spelling and grammatical errors throughout. There is a strong body of evidence to support the fact that Kennedy’s assassination was due to the fact that he was in some way trying to ‘cross the Fed’. Whether or not the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement was a part of this remains to be seen.

Here is where the wrinkle comes in with regards to this entire affair: Reputable sources with knowledge of these affairs have brought into question the very nature of these bonds themselves. There appear to be large sums of ‘fake’ bonds that have flooded the market. Many of these ‘fake’ bonds appear to have been created by government agencies, and special procedures have been used to ‘date’ the bonds, i.e. to make the bonds appear to be much older than they actually are.

If there is one burning question that needs to be answered, it would be this:

Are any of these Federal Reserve Notes and Federal Reserve Bonds genuine?

Further questions that must be addressed include the following:

*Is the story being fed to us concerning these bonds being issued many decades ago at an interest rate of 4% per annum a true accounting of events, or just a fabricated load of horse-hockey?

*Where are all of these sums of precious metals currently being stored, and who exactly is it that has control over them?

*Is all of this scuttlebutt that we keep hearing concerning the fact that these funds will be released and used to fund hidden and suppressed technologies and cures for disease (for the betterment of humanity) a reality or merely misdirection?

*And last but not least: Who exactly are the ‘good guys in high places’? Where do the top commanders within the Pentagon stand on all of this? Are certain factions of the Knight’s Templar and the Knight’s of Malta, as well as a purported group of wealthy Americans with bloodlines that date back to the time of the Pilgrims, actually working with these so-called ‘Asian societies’ to free up these metals to back a new, TRANSPARENT global currency system? Are the Black Projects at last to be ‘opened up’ and revealed to the public, thus releasing spellbinding methods of energy production such as Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, Tesla Electromagnetism, reverse engineered Anti- Gravity, Anti-Hydrogen Propulsion systems, and so forth? Will these technologies then be properly funded for the betterment of mankind? And when will the people finally be told the truth as to the TRUE cause of the current catastrophic changes that our planet is undergoing, i.e. the gradual weakening of the Earth’s magnetic shield, the massive pole shift, et cetera?

Until these questions are answered, then all matters concerning the release of said Global Collateral Accounts/World Global Settlements must be brought into serious question. Those of us whom are wise to the schemes of the Western oligarchy understand one thing above all else: That the people in the very highest positions of power, those who have passed on their bloodlines of greed and tyranny for many centuries, are individuals of the highest caliber of intellect who long ago mapped out all possible angles, and have left no stone unturned. Could the affairs surrounding these bonds be part of a much larger and far more complex and sinister scheme to somehow institute a new global financial system which, on paper, appears noble but is in fact controlled by the very same people?

This much is certain: Before any such system is enacted on a global scale, the
following public disclosures must occur:

*The mass arrests of thousands of conspirators world-wide at the very highest levels. These individuals must then be charged with high crimes against humanity in open, Common Law trials with public juries. These trials must be GLOBAL in scope, and must be made transparent to the entire world. They must NOT in any way be a repeat of the Nuremberg Tribunals, which were an absurd travesty of justice.

*Revealing the truth behind the clandestine operations taking place in Deep Underground Military Bases (and other secretive bases) the world over, and thus the opening of all Black Projects. The technologies developed as part of these projects must be released to the public and properly funded for the betterment of ALL mankind.

*Revelation of the truth behind the secret space program, which goes well above and beyond any information that NASA chooses to reveal in the public sector. *Note: One major hint as to the true scope of this program came with the personal testimony of British citizen Gary McKinnon, when he uncovered highly sensitive documents purporting to show the existence of an entire fleet of black operations craft. This project in its entirety is said to be called Codename: Solar Warden.

*The stand-down and/or complete dissolution of all private military and mercenary firms, including Academi (formerly Blackwater), the CIA, FEMA, the DHS, so-called U.N. ‘Peacekeepers’, and black operatives guarding clandestine military bases and keeping watch over the secret space program.

*The disclosure of the truth behind extra-terrestrial intervention on Planet Earth. Have we been interfered with as a species and if so, by whom and for what purpose?

*Revelation of the hidden history of the health care industry in the united States of America and beyond, which includes the public disclosure concerning Project Paperclip, the Vatican Rat Lines, and Codex Alimentarius.

*The revelation of the true nature behind the United Nations global fascist land and resource grab known as Agenda 21, which uses ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability/International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) as its main force for control.

*The complete revelation behind the current pole shift affecting our planet and of the sun’s increased activity. Is there something that ‘We the People’ of this planet should know about, i.e. impending Earth changes that will affect us all?

Humanity must at last enter into an age of reason. The only way this can be done is through FULL PUBLIC DISCLOSURE of the parameters listed above. The people of this planet must be told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, for the first time in centuries (nay, millennia). The secrets that have been kept from us by a very small number of individuals, secrets concerning the true nature and subsequent history of the human race, must be revealed openly and honestly, and we must never again allow so few to speak for so many.

If such events do not come to pass, then this writer fears that this planet will eventually be plunged into a new dark age. The planet Earth itself shall become a prison from which there is no escape, and those who pull the strings from the very highest levels will be free to travel the stars and spread their own ‘unique’ vision of humanity throughout the cosmos. And while it is true that the final stages of this ‘plan’ for global domination and enslavement are still a number of years off, (i.e. mass depopulation, the introduction and full implementation of trans-humanism, and the complete and total enslavement of the entire human race), we as a people can wait no longer in our quest to free mankind from the chains of oppression, for we currently find ourselves embroiled in the latter stages of a silent war that could go ‘hot’ at any moment. If we do not fight the good fight NOW, then there will be no tomorrow. There are those of us who would gladly lay down our lives to ensure that this nightmare does not become a reality.

Perhaps the entire scope of this greedy, ludicrous, gold-hording scheme can be summed up by the following statement:

“The entire history and true nature of these
high financial affairs remains to this
day one of the most closely guarded
secrets on Earth.”

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