David Wilcock Update – Russian TV Show


Unfortunately we still haven’t found a subtitled version yet, though other REN-TV programs have appeared and do have them.
It may be that REN-TV themselves will release a video with appropriate CC subtitles included. We just haven’t found it yet, but please do keep searching.

I found out last night that this documentary has definitely attracted a lot of positive attention to this case.
I was told that a former senior member of the Russian government said I did a great job on the show, and have “really matured”.
He feels I am “stepping into my power” — and was very pleased.
Then this morning, we got an email from a native Russian speaker that summarized the content of the program. I have kept him anonymous for his own safety.


Dear David,

I have just watched the 3-hour REN-TV special and this is what I can tell you about it. The name of the series is “We Have Never Dreamed [about this]”.

[WILCOCK: As you can see from the opening montage of this show, it goes into a variety of suppressed truths. We see Einstein, Egyptian images and Masonic symbols.]

The title of this particular show is harder to translate directly. I will interpret it for you instead.
The title basically means “A Million [is Ready/Available] for A Marriage [to be Had].” The reference to a marriage here is because of the specific word used.

In its original and historical meaning, the word is used to identify a young woman who is of the age and development to be “offered for a marriage [to an appropriately wealthy suitor].”

This expression means that she is “available into the good [i.e. wealthy] hands.” 🙂

The first hour (Part 1) is generally about the rich people and how to become one of them.
Family stories of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are presented here. This part might be of interest to some history buffs, but I would not sweat to translate it.
The second hour (Part 2) is about the world gold conspiracy (WW2, etc.). This is the ‘meat’ of the show.
I would translate this hour, taking into account that the show was made for the Russian audience. This part contains “an exclusive interview with economist and writer David Wilcock.”

0:42:00 – Highlights for Part 2
0:42:55 – Beginning of the actual section
0:43:10 – 0:46:43 – David’s contribution to Joseph Riad’s story
0:49:10 – 0:53:11 – Gold bond seizure story in Italy
0:50:50 – David speaks about the Masons (including Albert Pike and Guiseppe Mazzini)

0:55:09 – 0:56:00 – Gold in the USA
1:02:01 – Hitler & WW2
1:12:24 – Operation Golden Lily
1:13:52 – CIA attempts to retrieve gold from the Philippines
1:17:27 – 1:20:06 – Gold of the Second Reich

The end of Part 2 includes information about some national leaders who opposed the US rule and died.
The story of the likely assassination of David Hutzler and his son, after he passed David key information from Fulford, is also included somewhere in this part — with David’s contribution.
1:29:06 – The end of the second hour (Part 2)


The third hour (Part 3) is mostly about the feud between ‘the Roths & the Rocks’, information about some of the Russian oligarchs who went broke, NWO, and some Anonymous imagery (w/o any additional explanation).
Also included are parts of a REN-TV exclusive interview with Benjamin Fulford, which they did last spring, I believe. I would translate this part only for those who are interested in these topics.

1:30:25 – Highlights for Part 3
1:33:38 – Beginning of the actual section
1:34:08 – 1:34:20 – David’s piece of Kurt Doggerman’s [sp.?] story
2:04:55 – 2:05:01 – David’s piece of James McDonald’s story
2:06:18 – 2:06:26 – David about the war between the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers
2:09:52 – 2:10:10 – David about the Masons’ plan for WW3


Let me be clear that I have always tried to pursue the idea of a “Golden Age” from every conceivable angle, and do my part to help it along however I can.

There is extensive, conclusive evidence that we will have the ability to evolve into a “fourth density” light body — and graduate from the “mill” of reincarnation and forgetting of who and what we are.
That being said, the path to this goal is an adventure. I have embraced the challenge.
I am well aware of the risks of having done this show, and indeed of conducting this whole investigation.
I believe strongly enough in the value of this information, and of its impact on the destiny of humanity, that I am willing to take those risks.


There is still a great preponderance of “chatter” from insiders that a major change is underway.

Many others — some very prominent — are apparently getting ready to “man up” and do their part to ensure that we have a safe and prosperous future.

Once the suppressed knowledge is made public on a mass scale, and the technologies come along with it, we will quickly enter into a new Space Age.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine how grandiose and wonderful this new reality will be.
However, seeing this show appear on Russian television is proof that our Financial Tyranny investigation is being taken seriously — and fulfilling its purpose.

Again, I thank you for your support. We are all grassroots-funded and look forward to seeing you either in Hawaii, in Houston or at the upcoming Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles!




Despite some nay-sayers insisting I’d made this all up, or it wasn’t going to happen, et cetera, the Russian documentary “How to Become Rich” did indeed air on REN-TV today.

It was indeed a prime-time show — on January 16th. Right up until the end, people were looking at the schedule, saying it wasn’t there, et cetera — but it was!

I am going to wait for the English subtitle version before digging in and watching it, but I am definitely in it.

Just in the first few minutes as they introduce the various speakers, I appear. I was told “most of the second hour” is all my interview footage.

Remember — the reason why this is so important is because no media outlet has ever covered this story before.

This is the biggest secret that must be exposed to free us from Financial Tyranny and release planet-healing technology — and it is finally happening!


We are in the process of making a variety of upgrades to the website — including the online store, which has become much easier to use now.
We also now have a bank of older articles with corresponding graphics on the sidebar — something I’ve wanted all along.

Our new software protects us from hacking attempts while still letting this many graphics-rich links appear — for the first time.

We also have a stronger translation engine that allows anyone from any language to read everything on the site in their own language.

The translation isn’t perfect, but it certainly isn’t terrible. I do my best to write without colloquialisms so it translates more easily.

If you see, or produce, a copy of this video that DOES have subtitles, please let us know and we’ll get it up there.

I’m really stoked about this — and although I can’t say when, another one is probably on its way very soon that I will be featured in even more.

Again, I thank you for your support. We are all grassroots-funded and look forward to seeing you either in Hawaii, in Houston or at the upcoming Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles!


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