Italians: Pope scared secret message Slovak Cardinal Tomko

Translated Article

Shortly before the election of a new pope in the Vatican broke new affair. According to the daily La Repubblica It also features Slovak Cardinal Tomko.
BRATISLAVA. The reason for the surprising resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. might not have been as advanced age and ill health.

After two weeks, it appears that a resignation may be a horror of conditions that prevail inside the Vatican.

Sex parties fight for power and money among top Vatican prelates.

In a series of articles that says Italian newspaper La Repubblica. Journalist Concita De Gregorio in their trespasses describes high-level representatives of the Church in the Vatican.

This is derived from the nearly tristostranovej secret report prepared by the Pope three cardinals.
The most influential of these is the Slovak Cardinal Jozef Tomko, who, according to Italian media, Pope John Paul II. Vatican led counterintelligence .

“Pope familiar with the report last year, the 17th December It is the day in which Benedict XVI. resolved to make a decision about which many a long meditation, “wrote journalist.

Its source is a man who is very close to the person who edited the report.

Map tares and bad fish

A secret message without the title tied in two fixed plates by De Gregoriovej contains “exact map tares and bad fish” inside the Vatican.

Weeds in the Gospels symbolizes evil people who have infiltrated among believers. A similar symbols have the wrong fish.

Based on the investigation VatiLeaks affair, led by 83-year old Spanish cardinal and a member of Opus Dei Julian Herranz, the report shows the template according to which the Vatican is working inside lobbying network.

Three Cardinals led by Tomko findings divided by actors belonging to Congregations and geographical areas of origin.

The report groups figuring Salesians, Jesuits, Ligúrčanov or Lombards.

First homosexuality

The network according to De Gregoriovej common denominator sexual orientation “is first spoken word homosexuality, read aloud the written text in the apartment Ratzinger.”

In view of homosexuality, which the Catholic Church considers a sin, according to the newspaper La Repubblica some senior prelates exposed to blackmail.

Opinion Cardinal Tomko we did not see this as a retreat for the Pope. Journalist for SME questions answered.


The most serious allegations of a secret message from the Vatican is behind the scenes of suspected adultery, blackmail and theft.
First Homosexuality in the Mansion
Lobbying network in the Vatican is a common denominator and that is sexual orientation. The first time the word read aloud from homosexuality secret messages.
Second Blackmail
Some high-ranking Vatican prelates have been exposed to external influence – extortion by the laity, who share their handcuffs “worldly nature.”
3rd Not commit adultery, and steal, sixth and seventh commandment
Full report revolves around two commandments. Sixth and Seventh shall not commit adultery Thou shalt not steal, the most violated prelates, which the report says.
4th Structure of sins: organized crime
The paper also talks about the structure of sin, which, according to Pope Benedict XVI. may arise from the personal sins of individuals. Under the structure of sin is meant by the Vatican bank. Recently been hyped to believe that it can money launderers. The bank account may be members of the Church hierarchy and the Vatican citizens.
5th Call for successor
The new pope, whom Benedict XVI. transmit a secret message should be according to his wishes sufficiently strong, young and holy, to be able to handle the immense work that awaits him.

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