Rand Paul: Why Are We Giving Money To Countries That Hate Us?

Rand Paul was interviewed by Greta Van Susteren on Fox News about the sequester cuts, which Senator Paul has said will be a “yawn.” She asked him about his own ideas of budget cuts and referred to his proposal to cut foreign aid by about half. She wanted to know which countries he would cut aid from.

He replied:
“Well, I think there’s some argument whether it’s been effective. A lot of foreign aid’s been stolen over the years. The Mubarak family in Egypt became very wealthy off of our foreign aid. In the end, when people were rioting in the streets and protesting Mubarak’s rule and protesting his martial law, he sprayed them with tear gas that he bought with our foreign aid. So I don’t think the foreign aid necessarily endeared us to the Egyptians that were rioting against Mubarak. But what I would say is I would start by cutting foreign aid from countries who are burning our flag and chanting death to America, countries that don’t really seem to be acting like our allies.”
That would be a start. But what about cutting foreign aid completely? We’re not in favor of our government handing out welfare checks and food stamps even to our own people. And we get really mad when our government hands out these freebies to illegal aliens in our country. So, why would it be OK to give out billions of dollars a year to people who aren’t even Americans at all?
It’s not constitutional to take money from some people in the form of taxes and give it to others for “charitable” purposes. That’s theft. No matter how generous our government thinks it is, it’s still our money that they’re being generous with. Taking money from us in the form of taxes or borrowing money from other countries or having the Fed print money from nothing in order to give to other countries is just as unconstitutional. If they borrow the money, we’re stuck with the bill to pay it back. If they print the money, that dilutes the value of the dollar. It’s still theft.

In her question, Greta said that “foreign aid has been very effective for us in many parts of the world in achieving certain goals.” This is kind of like saying government education has been very effective. It has been successful in achieving their real goals, but it has completely failed in achieving their stated goals.

It’s not like the billions of dollars we dole out every year to foreign countries is going to feed the starving children or to give to the poor. No, as another Paul mentioned in a presidential debate a couple years ago,foreign aid is “taking money from poor people in a rich country and giving it to rich people in a poor country.” Once they get the money, they get do with it just about whatever they want as long as it doesn’t harm our government’s agenda. But it also means that that dictator is on the hook to do exactly as our government says to do. If not, then we seek to replace him, and if necessary take him out by assassination.
Even if foreign aid really was effective at helping poor and hungry people in foreign countries or used to build and repair the countries’ infrastructure, it would still be an unconstitutional use of American money. Especially now with our being in such financial dire straits. Now is not the time to be giving out our money to foreign dictators.

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