If statements made by others are merely probable or possible disinformation and are no more than wild claims without any substantiating facts from witnesses or victims such as the two “sources” you offer in your latest article, your journalism and credibility continue to slip.
Why do you do this? You come off as borderline hysterical, especially when you claim Kerry is homosexual because he is a member of Skull and Bones.
I am tempted to think your mysterious sources in MI5 and the CIA are deliberately feeding you extreme BS knowing you will print it and thereby discredit any authentic revelations about the ones at the top.
If there is any truth to the White Dragon Society and the hope it can clean up the mess, please honor that
desperately-needed rescue with balanced statements
backed up with something more than the hate-filled rants of those who obviously hate Catholics, religion, royalty and the ultra rich.
And, please, temper your accusations re human sacrifice and pedophilia and homosexuality until you can provide reasonable proof. I fear you are becoming a laughing stock among the serious-minded.
Your thinking is so distorted, as revealed by your writing, that I have difficulty believing you have any real information at all.
I do wish you well and look forward to all you want for the world to come to pass. I want it too.

Thank you for your criticism. It is true that the agency sources I have can abuse the fact that I need to keep their identities secret in order to protect them from losing their jobs or their lives. However, whenever such sources feed me disinformation and I find out, I change my relationship of trust with them and stop using them as sources.

One source in the story about Kerry being homosexual comes from the testimony of Kay Griggs, the wife of a US government assassin, and Skull and Bones member. She states that the initiation ceremony for Skull and Bones is a homosexual orgy.
As far as human sacrifice is concerned, there have been so many cases and witnesses emerging that it can no longer be dismissed. The testimony I got for human sacrifice and Balmoral Castle came from the late Lord Mountbatten, who was first cousin to the Queen. This has been corroborated by Leo Zagami of the P2 lodge and by MI5 agents (whose identity I cannot make public).  There is a lot more, and although the decent mind revolts at the possibility, do a bit of basic research and you will see it is true. For a biblical reference, please take a look at the Book of Ruth and you can see we are dealing with modern day Moabites. 
Also, please rest assured I have nothing against Catholics, Religion, Royalty or the Ultra-rich. There is no hate in my writing, only facts and statement made by others.
Finally, please refrain from slanderous phrases like “disinformation,” “borderline hysterical,” “hate-filled rants,”  “extreme BS,” “laughing stock,” etc. because you offer no proof. It exposes you as a likely paid shill for the cabal. They always attack the messenger without addressing the factual truth the messenger brings.
As far as the White Dragon Society is concerned, we have already gotten rid of the Pope, the Bushes, Queen Beatrix, the Rockefellers and we have only just begun. Humanity will be freed from criminal cabal rule. We are through talking, we are taking direct action. Believe it when you see it.

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