The Madonna of the UFO – possible unsigned work by the Italian Renaissance Master Alessandro Boticelli Official Name: The Madonna with Saint Giovannino Painted in the 15th century; the Palazzo Vecchio lists the artist as unknown

Now is the time of the breaking of nations:
A time when altered states will rule this world;

Their boundaries broached, then breached, by penetrating insight,

Making Earth pregnant with boundless, bondless bounty,
Whose towering tides upon the lands of Earth will sweep away their titles,
To leave the Nameless One, and those who consciously comprise It, their sole possessor;
When the triumphant prophecies of the Marian Magnificat will be fulfilled with many more,
By the Sun of Man coming in clouds of great glory to the earth.

Now is the time of the breaking of empires seen and unseen:
Built on the backs of time-managed, mind-managed slaves taught to fear death
so much that they never know life –

Those who for eons have needlessly, endlessly borne cruel, crushing burdens
building and gilding the pyramidal palaces of merciless, murderous masters –
Those who continually conspire to take for themselves all that the people of Earth
should by their rights retain,

Ensuring they will never go within to find
That corruscating core within themselves, remembering
the majesty of all they truly are.


Now is the time of the braking of power:
When royal resolutions repeatedly railroaded through

the grandly domed but ramshackle roundhouses of Earth’s overripe banana republics
 finally turntabled
From sinister, sinuous sidetracks laid down by traitors,
On which their lockscars would haul us in cattle culls
to terminal locations;
Their centuries-long train of abuses will be decisively derailed
By switches
 engineered by the common people of this planet,
Aided by visiting volunteer fire crews already onboard – our heavenly hosts,
hailing from the furthest reaches of creation.


Now is the time of the breaking of silence:
When voices seldom heard or heeded in human history
Will prominently proclaim throughout the world their freedom through truth;
When horrors heretofore hidden in the darkest depths of the earth and of ourselves
now surely shall be shown for what they are,
Then radically regenerated or removed;

When many muted, muzzled mouths will open, talking in lost languages with tongues of fire,
Alighting on the heads of many millions in long-predicted planetary pentacost.


Now is the time of the breaking of dawn on Earth:
when this most ravishing and yet most ravaged orb of all within this universe
Will whirl full circle through the spinning spirals of infinity,
restoring with a sudden quantum leap of faith her former radiant raiment;
When this prodigious planetary prodigal processes as is prophesied upon the Milky Way,
aligning with the vertex of its vortices,
she shall have reached the point of all return – the cosmic turning point for all eternity:

While fully centered on the burnished burning glass within the sacred heart,
Earth will reclaim with fiercely focused fire her rightful and resplendent crown of stars. 

Grand Universe – Havona – by Gary Tonge
Symphonic Accompaniment:  Fanfare for the Common Man
by Aaron Copeland, 20th Century American Composer
Written/Spoken Word:  Rebecca Em Campbell,
Contemporary American Classical Performance Poet
Sound Engineer: Steve Dittore
Producer:  John Benjamin Rodgers

This work was recorded at Jack Straw Studios in Seattle, Washington State, USA.
This artist-operated studio is named for Jack Straw,
the folk hero who in 1381 led the Peasant’s Rebellion against the British Crown.

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