Eric Holder Tells The World That Criminal Banksters Cannot Be Jailed


3/8/13   2:30 PM   Jim’s Rant For The Day.    Quick Notes on
The Proof You’ve Been Waiting For.

I am just taking a quick lunch break from working on our fall-back farm, but wanted to share some thoughts with you.
1. Yesterday, a bombshell was dropped by the nations highest law enforcement official, our Attorney General, Eric Holder. Folks, unless the military takes over, you can’t get any higher than Holder.
2. That announcement was that yes indeed, the banks are raping the entire nation, it is against the law, but the banks are above the law and the Justice Department will do nothing about it.
3. What he said also confirms that the stock market is totally rigged to rape investors.
4. If the public hears of the injustice, the global financial Ponzi scheme will be up.
5. I personally feel that Mr. Holder exhibited great courage in saying what he said.
6. The rights of the Occupy members were violated when they protested saying that the banksters were above the law and that there are two sets of laws in the U.S., those for the bankers and those for the little people.
7. What Mr. Holder said yesterday confirmed that the Occupy people were right.
8. For all the doubters that the financial collapse is near, that is the proof that we have all been waiting for.
9. I believe that when a country loses its legal system, that country is over. It’s over folks.

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