More and More Turn to the Militia Movement – Intelligent Americans Have had Enough

dont tread on me
Posted on March 12, 2013 by Mark Schumacher

Just looking out your window at the scattered storage yards used by the military around our country tells you a lot these days. Huge yards filled with armored personnel carriers, along with the many types of portable retracting command towers verifies the government’s worries with militias’ anger against tyranny. When you read articles about the government buying billions of bullets and thousands of weapons you can almost feel their cowardly concerns.

Every aspect of American life as we once knew it 50 years ago has been altered in some tyrannical way. We can’t trust the propaganda spewing from the mainstream media or the puppets on the cable channels. All that’s left of the truth telling business are patriot sites such as From the Trenches World Report. The growth has been phenomenal as the BS propaganda continues to flow from the usual talking heads.

The beauty of the patriotic sites is how unfiltered and real the information is. You won’t be getting information from some college fed propaganda whore, you will be getting it from a Bill of Rights loving American who only wants the God given freedoms enjoyed since the ratification of 1791. These and only these rights are what we believe in. True patriots have a real big problem when our leaders swearing in on a constitution that stands for anything different. The people must be in charge of the government, not the other way around.

When we are told we can not drink a 16 ounce soda, or are unable to buy ammunition and are forced to give up our weapons we begin to see infringement. Freedoms we believe in so vehemently are being infringed, not good. Many intelligent Americans are starting to feel the same way.

You see, the militia movement is made up of a very diverse group. Educated, uneducated, pink, blue, short, tall, fat, skinny who all love America in which it was originally meant to be loved, free. Many are turning to sites such as ours because they are feeling that our freedoms are disappearing, if not gone for the most part. When they come to our site they are mad as hell, and it shows when they comment. Many wish to write about their experiences, and are allowed to do so and at times using language not taught in some regimented classroom, spewing new world order garbage.

The numbers speak for themselves as the growth of the militia movement has grown exponentially, a growth by the way, involving all walks of life, not just the downtrodden as many talking heads will have you believe. You won’t have to be filtered by some billionaire at sites such as ours. We invite all who believe in freedom, nothing more, nothing less. Sure we have the occasional filters associated with any site to filter out the idiots who think they’re cute, but for the most part, we enjoy all who participate.

Many friends have been made on sites such as ours, and this is what makes sites as these interesting. We have learned about cures for cancer, how to be self reliant in bad times, learned about correct ways in which to handle and maintain weapons, talked about the ways medicinal marijuana can save your life etc, etc., things you will never learn in some swanky over price college which in reality is a place that teaches you on how to hate America.

Some of the finest human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure to deal with I met on From the Trenches World Report, most of which many others can’t hold a candle to. I thank God every day for the opportunity to be involved because I know that if it weren’t for sites such as this, our government would have a much more forceful grip on my freedoms.

Look around people; do you like what you see? Getting involved with the patriot movement can change all of that, that simple. Many just enjoy staying in the background and reading and learning without commenting, which is fantastic in that maybe they will start to see the light. In any event, we enjoy a wide spectrum of the population. Hopefully, this will continue as the New World Order Crowd will be demolished.

It up to us to make sure this happens, traitors to the Bill of Rights be damned.

God bless the Republic of the United States of America and God bless the Bill of Rights.

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