at the National Press Club, Washington, DC.
This is two blocks east of the White House.
These hearings are bringing light to the most tightly held secrets
that the U.S. Government is keeping from the people of our nation
and the world!  It is time for these illegal activities to end!
The meetings are held all week beginning each day at 8:45am eastern time; the meetings break for a 2-hour supper & then lectures resume from 7pm – 10pm.
To gain ACCESS to these historic Citizens Hearings on Disclosure (CHD)…
LIVE ONLINE ALL WEEK… here’s where you make $3.80 payment for the
entire live event (tune in anytime all week… & the evening lectures are included
as well as being able to watch the Sirius movie on Monday night, 4/29, 8pm eastern)…
Or, archived access from May 5th thru June 5th (an additional $3.80)…
Testimony Schedule
Explore all of the pull down menus at:
To get a idea of the power being brought to these meetings,
click on, “WITNESSES” (from the menu bar),
then click on each of the witnesses individually
to read up on the ‘expertise’ that each brings to these meetings.
End the Truth Embargo:
“It’s not just about lights in the sky…
it’s about lies on the ground.”

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