RED ALERT Armed march on Washington DC likely to take place during a constitutional convention


I got the following bit of information from here

Armed march on Washington DC likely to take place during a constitutional convention

Many of you probably do not know that 31 out of a required 34 state governors are already on board for a constitutional convention which, if it is declared, can allow THEM to lawfully trash the ENTIRE constitution.

If you want a gun ban, just throw the constitution away and replace it with something else, which a constitutional convention will lawfully allow and it will all be constitutional. It takes only a little gray matter to see that at this time the enemy is running our government, and that is the last time you would ever want a constitutional convention to occur, because it will allow the enemy to re write the whole thing. If you want to provide plausible grounds for trashing the second amendment just time an armed march on Washington DC to happen, right when that constitutional convention is in progress.


My Comments:

Federal Government currently has multiple headaches with the current scandals that have already caught the national attention. It will become increasingly difficult for them to push their agenda for Gun Control as more truth pours out. I implore all to give the truth a chance. By giving them an armed march, even if the intention is peaceful does not achieve anything as you cannot scare the federal government with couple thousand gun totting, freedom loving individuals. On top of that it can easily be made to look ugly.

If the intention is a peaceful march then why carry guns into DC where it is against the federal law to open or conceal carry any guns? Are we looking for a conflict?

The complicit mainstream media will never report if the first shot is fired from the DC police and will work overtime to make the pro gun activists look bad, just when the federal government is on the backfoot. The strength of the truth or freedom movement lies in numbers of people who will combine their voice for that cause. A peaceful march with banners and without guns will achieve the same and perhaps many more will then lose the hesitation to join the cause now since this march has been published widely, even by the MSM.

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    I don’t care for it. It’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL for DC to have a ban like this… I think this march is a GREAT idea. If we’re going to live in fear of the enemy sabotaging every event we have, then we’ll never have another event!


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