We’re guessing the reporters found a bunch of employees more than willing to spill the beans in front of armed “Federal Protective Officers” and on the record. Not.

Let’s face it, folks, this administration is doing what it wants, and bullying anyone who tries to question it.

According to ABC, an “armed uniform police officer with the Federal Protective Service” “escorted” reporters through the public building. ABC says if the intent wasn’t to “scare off” employees who might talk, “it was the effect.”

Think IRS employees are allowed the right of free speech? Think again.

At the IRS office on the fourth floor, a woman who answered the buzzer referred reporters to officials in Washington, though they were not returning very many calls. That staffer also said she was not allowed to speak to anyone – a line that was repeated by agency personnel during the week.

IRS headquarters in Washington denied that a no-talk rule was official policy because, after all, agency staffers still have a constitutional right to talk to whomever they want.

“Our policy is that press inbounds (queries) are referred to the press office,” a spokesman said. “But people have First Amendment rights, they are entitled to speak.”

Asked whether employees were reminded of the official media policy this week, the spokesman said “no.”

Not so, said IRS folks in Ohio.

What you’re seeing is gutter politics of the old Chicago. They expanded it to a federal level and now control everything from the top down.

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