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While the Obama Administration battles scandals  that reveal his administration to be anything but “competent, transparent, and accountable,” Team Obama is sending Kenya fifty million U.S. taxpayer dollars to help make their government more “competent, transparent, and accountable.”

The fifty million dollars is being doled out through USAID’s Kenya Democracy, Rights and Governance Office in Nairobi, Kenya.  The purpose of the money is to develop a new Kenyan government program that is supposed to:

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“…Build the capacity of civil society to more effectively represent citizen interests and aspirations to County governments…and…support the development of institutions and structures that will help Counties cooperate and advance their interests with the National government.”

In short, the American people are now paying fifty million dollars of their hard-earned money to build potential civic groups, lobbying organizations, elections commissions, and other political infrastructure in the land of Obama’s father’s birth. 

Meanwhile, the President refuses to spend the American people’s money to pay for American military pilots to maintain their training flight hours so that they can most effectively respond to international threats at a moment’s notice.


While American carriers cannot deploy in support of worldwide contingency operations in defense of American interests at home and abroad due to Sequestration, this latest gift to Kenya tells the American people that their President believes that this apparent extra fifty million dollars will be more useful to the people of Kenya than America.

To make matters worse, many critics of this decision are saying that this kind of interference “Could spark the redistribution of political power across the African republic, whose national government is viewed as one of the most notoriously corrupt in the world.”

Furthermore, the Obama Administration is saying that it admits that the decision comes with numerous risks and could backfire, saying, “Efforts to bring about such decentralization, however, may inadvertently create 47 equally corrupt county systems.”

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The bottom line here is that the Administration is knowingly and willfully spending fifty million taxpayer dollars on an international experiment which they know could be doomed to failure and could even make Kenya’s already horrendous government situation go from bad to worse.

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  1. I guess he’s planning his next job as Kenyan president since that’s where he is from. They’d probably be smart enough over there to not vote him in though.

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