Note to those of you who believe Obama is looking out for the little guy… you need to have your heads examined.

Have a look at this.

Barack Obama’s close friend and major fundraiser, Penny Pritzker, who has been nominated to be the new Secretary of Commerce, didn’t include more than $80 million in income in financial disclosures she filed last week. Pritzker, who is a billionaire, supposedly “inadvertently omitted” this tiny part of her fortune. Her lawyer, Robert Rizzi, wrote the Commerce Department on May 21 that the money was not included in the May 15 filings that were reviewed by the U.S. Office of Government Ethics “because of a clerical error and through no fault of Ms. Pritzker.”

Unbelievable. The $80 million comes from an $8 million a year consulting income over a ten year period. Pritzker was paid to advise major global corporations on how to properly restructure assets during family feuds.

Pritsker was also in charge of Superior Bank, a bank that failed after an attempt to revive it by wading into the world of subprime loans.

Obama wants to place billionaire Penny Pritzker in charge of the Commerce Department, which is quite telling of who it is Obama is most concerned about.

Hint… it’s not you.


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