I created this blog to share information that the main stream media either suppresses or uses its big money to sell the propaganda of the mega corporations and help their agenda, or its own. Ultimately all power is derived from big money which is a private property of big banks used by the public. They create all the wars, through the use of fear and then lend their money to both sides making a huge profit. They use the Nazi Rothschild controlled central banks which are now instituted in all countries of the world except Iran, N Korea and Cuba. The IMF, NATO, BIS, World Bank are their tools which were created by them after World Wars to establish these central banks in every country. The charter of BIS, IMF, UN etc is controlled by these powerful elites who only allow dictators and corruption in every country. They have exerted their control through the family bloodlines, some of the names are Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Lazard, Warburg, Schroder and Schif. “We the people” are mere resources for them. The intention to remove poverty and suffering was never there. The purpose of the world wars was to bring all the world governments into fear and buy into their agenda.

They do not want people to understand their true power and want us to think we came from monkeys who evolved into cavemen to present day human. As a result we think we are now in a great place because we can drive cars and fly airplanes. This is how we are brainwashed in schools. We lose ourselves daily with their countless mind controlling techniques of fear and distractions they have created for us such as TV, movies, video games, sports so we shall never really begin to think.

In truth we are powerful beings. We are creators. We create our physical life through our Conscious Intention. Our life is only a result of our choices and karma. For many years now (suppressed by media), experiments have shown that focused attention of a single person can change the behavior of particles at quantum levels (quarks). Think what we can achieve when we focus our attention together at love and peace. I know that is what we all want. Where we generally lack is the force behind that intention as we get easily distracted. When we want something really bad, we tend to always get it. It is only a question of how badly we want it.

We are spirit beings only now for the moment having a physical experience in this body. The prime creator, who the New Age call “The Source” is experiencing the physical life through us and learning about itself. The religions are also being used by the Elites to divide us and fool us into thinking we are mere mortals and religion is in fact behind every war that has been fought for ages. I am not condemning any religion. I am stating that it is taught as half truth in some cases and practiced as half truth in others.

In the age of internet, ignorance is now the only evil. And if we ask the right questions, we can always find the answers. The biggest truth for me is that we are One Light, only vibrating at different frequencies. We are not better than each other. We are not worse than each other. We are not even equal. We are One. Each is our other self because it is only in duality that this veil of separation exists through a limited consciousness. Our consciousness is limited because we only forget who we are when we are born. This game of life is then a challenge that if can we remember again.

The frequency of the light of the prime creator is that of love. All expressions of love are its form, which is also true in this physical life. Our essence is our SOUL which is State of Unified Love. I call this blog Loveistheonlytruth, because in truth, i.e. outside duality, love is the only thing that exists. In duality, we have either Love or absence of it (fear). We participate in duality, we are really just playing this game of life so we can begin to understand our own true nature. So when we completely and collectively understand what Love is, this game of Duality is over and we can begin a new one. The elites who have created these wars, are also us, and merely help us in understanding ourselves. We probably played those roles ourselves in a past life and doing so we learned out lessons. Now we know it is not good to kill someone. In duality the learning is great and fast. Wouldn’t we realize the true importance of our loved ones when they are not with us? Similarly we understand our true nature when we experience lack of love, which is why duality was created.

So now if we understand love we know that fear has no essence of its own. Also courage is not to have no fear but to realize your fears, face it and overcome. The propaganda of our current media is to sell fear and lies. They effect all spheres of our lives.

Hence I will cover the following topics:

  • Geo Politics
  • Science
  • Spirituality
  • Health
  • History

This is an attempt to learn and grow to understand who we really are. I know I am not the only one who thinks like this. There are plenty now who do as well. We are in the middle of an intellectual revolution. People are beginning to realize and claim their power back. The Arab spring and the revolutions in Europe are a proof of this.

To be aware of our selves is to awaken our true nature and bring Love, Peace and Joy to all our brothers and sisters on Mother Earth.
Questions, comments and feedback are always welcome. Please hit the comments link.

Thank You for reading. Much Love.

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