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9/11 Truth: What Happened to Building 7

9/11, WTC7 and the Black Eagle Trust: How Bank of New York may have laundered $240 billion

Posted on June 3, 2011 by  | 1 Comment
By E.P. Heidner
Summary and Intro by Fred Burks
“On that fateful day, the Securities and Exchange Commission declared a national emergency, and for the first time in U.S. history, invoked its emergency powers under Securities Exchange Act Section 12(k) easing regulatory restrictions for clearing and settling security trades for the next 15 days. These changes would allow an estimated $240 billion in covert government securities to be cleared upon maturity without the standard regulatory controls around identification of ownership.” ~E.P. HeidnerDear friends,
Few people are aware of the huge Black Eagle Trust fund, let alone its critical relation to the 9/11 attacks. A brilliant summary of excellent information regarding this covert fund compiled by meticulous researcher E.P. Heidner ties together many previously unexplained threads in the 9/11 mystery in ways that are most compelling. Heidner presents volumes of solid evidence to support his thesis that one of the main reasons for the attacks was to cover up the laundering of over $200 billion in bonds from this secretive fund that were to come due the day after 9/11.

Serious 9/11 researchers will likely be most grateful for the revealing connections in this careful research made between seemingly unconnected parts of the 9/11 story and the many people and organizations involved. Those less familiar with the 9/11 cover-up will almost certainly appreciate the broad overview given and the hidden history behind it all. If we follow the money, a lot of unexplained things begin to make sense.

Below are key excerpts from this remarkable paper with highlighting provided for those with limited time. If you do have time, the many diagrams, photos, and charts available in the original 58-page essay are most helpful. The full document also includes 232 footnotes for verification filling 17 pages worth of text. In the concise summary below, I’ve kept the original footnote numbers, so you will find they skip quite a bit. See the full essay to explore these informative footnotes. For the entire original paper with footnotes, click here.

Some readers may feel upset or overwhelmed with this material, yet the fact that you are reading this and that this powerful information is awakening many as it spreads around the Internet shows that we are making a difference. Others may be excited to finally see the bigger picture. See our “what you can do” section at the end of the article for ideas on how you can help spread the word and build a brighter future. Thanks for caring.

With best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and the Team
Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton
Note: For what may be the most powerful single piece of evidence corroborating this theory, click here to read the Reuters news service article on the massive volume of electronic financial transactions conducted from inside the WTC just before the towers collapsed. Yet the investigation results are being kept secret.

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“Breaking The Set” News Show Talks About UFOs, Dick Cheney, & JFK


UFOs: the Truth is Out There | Think Tank

Published on Mar 15, 2013

Abby Martin talks to BTS producer, Manuel Rapalo, about UFO phenomena by highlighting a few notable cases of UFO sightings in the US.

JFK: Will We Ever Know the Truth? | Interview with Russ Baker

Published on Mar 13, 2013

Abby Martin talks to Russ Baker, managing editor of, about President Obama withholding more than 50 thousand pages of JFK assassination-related documents and outlines the unanswered questions about the case.

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Dick Cheney: 9/11 Cover Up, Black Water: ‘Extension of CIA’


Published on Mar 15, 2013
Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Dick Cheney’s Lies, & Blackwater Impunity

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EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks to Lori Harfinest, about her new show soon to premier on RT. Abby then responds to viewers by highlighting a couple of comments and calling out a few trolls. Abby then speaks with independent journalist, and co-host of Media Roots Radio, Robbie Martin, about the recent revelations of former vice president Dick Cheney lying to the 9/11 commission, and what larger implications this could have. BTS wraps up the show with a look at how executives at Academi, the military contractor formally known as Blackwater, have been able to commit countless crimes with utter impunity.

‘CIA Killed 9/11 Author in Black Ops Hit’

‘A former US National Security Agency officer says the 9/11 investigative author Philip Marshall and his children were killed in a “black ops hit” by the CIA, dismissing the suicide hypothesis.

Wayne Madsen said in a show organized by Kevin Barrett, a founder of The Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance, that he had reached the conclusion after a week long investigation.

Marshall was afraid of being silenced for his revelations about 9/11, Madsen said, noting that a side door the investigator never used was wide open when his dead body was found’

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The 911 Illusion: Patsies & Beneficiaries

The 911 Illusion: Patsies & Beneficiaries


by Dean Henderson

(Part one of a three-part investigation of 911 excerpted from Chapter 20: 911 of my book, Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf…)

The alleged killing last year of Osama bin Laden, which fittingly occurred in a mansion within 1,000 yards of a Pakistani military training academy, signaled the winding down of the biggest psychological warfare operation ever prosecuted by the global oligarchy.

 The Patsies

In the wake of the 911 terror attacks, Americans everywhere recited the collective mantra, “Things will never be the same”.  Actually, things had changed very little.

Fifteen of the nineteen alleged hijackers were born in Saudi Arabia, where the House of Saud dictatorship has financed Muslim Brotherhood modern-day Assassins and CIA covert operations since its inception for the benefit of the Eight Families banking cartel and their Four Horsemen – whose ARAMCO oilfields are protected via US military occupation of the Kingdom.

The Assassins this time were members of al Qaeda, the cadre of former Afghan mujahideen fighters that the CIA trained, then used to carry out proxy wars in Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Chechnya, Dagestan, Indian Kashmir, East Turkistan Province in China, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Somalia, Algeria and Uzbekistan.  The CIA brought al Qaeda spiritual leader and Anwar Sadat assassin Sheik Abdul Rahman to the US to recruit Islamic fundamentalists willing to fight in these CIA wars. [1]

Al Qaeda was headed by Osama bin Laden, who built the CIA’s mujahideen training camps in Afghanistan.  Bin Laden was House of Saud point man in recruiting Arab fighters for CIA shenanigans in Central Asia and the Balkans.  Bin Laden’s brother Salem was a business partner and good friend of James Bath.  His father Mohammed provided seed money for Bath’s good friend George W. Bush’s Arbusto Energy. The bin Laden family fortune was managed by Carlyle Group principal George Bush Sr.

Fifteen of the nineteen alleged hijackers were born in Saudi Arabia, where the House of Saud dictatorship has financed Muslim Brotherhood modern-day Assassins and CIA covert operations since its inception for the benefit of the Eight Families banking cartel and their Four Horsemen

According to a PBS spokeswoman, within three days of 911 both Vice-President Dick Cheney and Queen Elizabeth II called PBS to request copies of two video documentaries the station had done – one on bin Laden and the other on Islam.  Since US intelligence knew all it needed to know of their foot soldier bin Laden, Cheney and Her Majesty were more concerned with what the US public had already been told of the Saudi paymaster so they could factor this into their forthcoming public relations blitz.

Bin Laden’s second in command Ayman al-Zawahiri heads Egyptian Islamic Jihad – a Muslim Brotherhood front whose assassins had help from the CIA in escaping justice in Egypt so they could go to Albania to fight with the Kosovo Liberation Army.  Al-Zawahiri’s sidekick Ali Mohammed came to the US in 1984.  He trained terrorists in Brooklyn and Jersey City on weekends and instructed US Special Forces at Fort Bragg. [2]  He was later involved in the US Embassy bombings in Africa.

According to the FBI, five of the nineteen alleged 911 hijackers were trained by the US military – three atPensacola Naval Air Station and two at other facilities. [3]

Alleged 911 ring leader Mohammed Atta received the $100,000 he needed to plan and carry out the terror attacks from Standard Chartered accounts in gold bullion haven Dubai – where US Naval vessels often berth. Standard Chartered was founded by the Illuminated Cecil Rhodes. The bank is one of five London “gold-fixers” and prints Hong Kong’s currency.  These accounts were controlled by 911 paymaster and UAE citizen Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi.

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Triumph for 9/11 truth activist in UK court – BBC Misrepresented Facts

By Victoria N. Alexander | Digital Journal 

In an act of civil disobedience, Tony Rooke refused to pay a £130 TV license fee, alleging that the BBC intentionally misrepresented facts about the 9/11 attacks. Facing a judge Monday, Rooke was ’not convicted’ and did not have to pay the fine.

Rooke, a documentary maker who made his protest against the BBC in Horsham Magistrates’ Court in West Sussex, claims the BBC reported that World Trade Center 7 collapsed

“due to an office fire, which, even the NIST report says, fell at free-fall speed for eight floors in 2.5 seconds. That is absolutely impossible without a controlled demolition being involved.”

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is the US government agency charged with investigating the collapses.

Rooke is now encouraging other activists to follow his example and refuse to support the BBC. Although technically Rooke is guilty of not paying the license fee, he pleaded “not guilty” to not having an “appropriate” license. As he explained in the above video clip,

“the license is not appropriate … because I know the BBC has covered up the true events of the day.”

Rooke further explained that supporting the BBC cover up would be tantamount to supporting the terrorists responsible for the controlled demolition. He further argued that anyone supporting terrorists is in violation of the Terrorism Act, Section 15, which states that

“it is an offence for someone to invite another to provide money, intending that it should be used, or having reasonable cause to suspect that it may be used, for terrorism purposes.”

In this Rooke employed a standard tactic of civil disobedience, claiming to be in a position where he must break one law, a local law, in order to respect a higher law. If defendants are successful in such cases, they are said to occupy “the moral high ground” and are generally given light sentences or have their cases dismissed.

Prior to the court date, Rooke had provided the court with evidence that both World Trade Center towers, as well as a third building, WTC7, were destroyed, not as a direct result of plane-impact and subsequent fires, but by controlled demolition.


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Pull The Other One: Silverstein says calling 9/11 ‘act of war’ is a ‘shameful display of duplicity’

By Elizabeth Leafloor | Red Ice Creations 

Larry Silverstein is well known in 9/11 research circles.

The real estate tycoon made strange and revealing remarks in a PBS documentary detailing the events of September 11, 2001.

In a seeming blunder he revealed that there was an understanding, a plan, to ’pull’ the WTC 7 building (assumedly with explosive demolition) to stave off ’further loss of life’.
This, however, goes directly against the official theory and official investigation reports, which conclude the buildings fell of their own accord due to fires.

Silverstein is now back in the spotlight, reports NYDailyNews. He accuses AmericanAirlines of avoiding liability (and payouts) for the attacks. He wishes to disqualify the airline from using the “act of war” defense to dodge property liability.

Pull It

Silverstein’s infamous lines that officials made a decision that day to ’pull it’ – to demolish purposefully the WTC7:

“I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, ’We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.’ And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.”

We know that the term ’pull it’ means to bring the building down by means of explosives because in the same documentary a cleanup worker (in December 2001) refers to the demolition of WTC Building 6 when he says, “…we’re getting ready to pull the building six.” The term is industry jargon for planned demolition. Source

Read: Silverstein’s “Pull It” Explanation Examined

Lucky Larry

A prized asset, The World Trade Center was sold to Silverstein Group for $3.2 billion six months before 9/11. The Center was promptly and carefully insured, and when the events of Sept. 11 ended with the Twin Towers and Building 7 collapsing, Silverstein profited hugely. writes:

It was well-known by the city of New York that the WTC was an asbestos bombshell. For years, the Port Authority treated the building like an aging dinosaur, attempting on several occasions to get permits to demolish the building for liability reasons, but being turned down due the known asbestos problem. Further, it was well-known the only reason the building was still standing until 9/11 was because it was too costly to disassemble the twin towers floor by floor since the Port Authority was prohibited legally from demolishing the buildings. [Arctic Beacon]

Other New York developers had been driven into bankruptcy by the costly mandated renovations, and $200 million represented an entire year’s worth of revenues from the World Trade Towers.

The perfect collapse of the twin towers changed the picture.

Under a pending agreement, a developer and his investors will get back most of the down payment that they made to lease the World Trade Center just six weeks before a terrorist attack destroyed the twin towers. Developer Larry Silverstein and investors Lloyd Goldman and Joseph Cayre are nearing a deal that would give them about $98 million of their original investment of $124 million, The New York Times reported Saturday. [MontereyHerald 11/22/2003]

Instead of renovation, Silverstein is rebuilding, funded by the insurance coverage on the property which ’fortuitously’ covered acts of terrorism. Even better, Silverstein filed TWO insurance claims for the maximum amount of the policy, based on the two, in Silverstein’s view, separate attacks. The total potential payout is $7.1 billion, more than enough to build a fabulous new complex and leave a hefty profit for the Silverstein Group, including Larry Silverstein himself.


A federal jury on Monday ruled that the assault on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center was in fact two occurrences for insurance purposes. The finding in U.S. District Court in Manhattan means leaseholder Larry Silverstein may collect up to $4.6 billion, according to reports. [ 12/06/04]

One would think that making billions of insurance dollars off the backs of the events of 9/11 would be “shameful”, but Silverstein’s laywers reportedly take issue with AmericanAirlines withholding even more payouts and refusing to take responsibility for the attacks.


Developer Larry Silverstein accused American Airlines Wednesday of a “shameful display of duplicity” for asserting the World Trade Center terror attack was an “act of war” that should shield it from liability.

In court papers, Silverstein said the airline and its parent company repeatedly promised not to invoke such a defense to avoid paying property damage claims arising from the 9/11 attack.

“Now, having obtained many billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded benefits from a massive federal bailout, which benefits continue to accrue, they have reversed course, asserting with breathtaking cynicism a supposed distinction — but one without a difference — between an act of war exclusion and an act of war defense,” Silverstein attorney Richard Williamson said in court papers.

Silverstein Properties sued American Airlines and United Airlines in 2008, contending their negligence caused the destruction of the Twin Towers.

In September, Manhattan Federal Court Judge Alvin Hellerstein said the lawsuit could go to trial and that Silverstein could seek $2.8 billion in damages.

In 2007 Silverstein’s company reached a $4 billion settlement with insurers.

Silverstein suggesting AmericanAirlines is engaging in a ’shameful display of duplicity’ regarding 9/11 is an outrageous claim, and a enormous distraction from his own fabrications.

Pull the other one, Larry.

By Elizabeth Leafloor, Red Ice Creations

9/11 Court Case: BBC Must Answer Allegation Regarding the Covering up of Information


9/11 Court Case in Horsham Today: BBC Must Answer Allegation Regarding the Covering up of Information

Tony Rooke has persuaded the courts that the BBC must answer the allegation that, in covering up information on the 9/11 attacks, they are colluding with terrorism. Many truth activists are planning to attend the three hour hearing in front of a judge at Horsham magistrates court this Monday 25 February at 9.00am.

There are only 30 seats available in the court room and they will be on a first come first serve basis. Some activists will be flying long distance. The hearing will be at The Law Courts, Hurst Road, Horsham West Sussex England RH12 2ET. At least one mainstream media crew will be present but Tony is asking activists not to talk to them and not to hold up placards which do not represent his views.

Please go to bottom to see his message in full. The message to the mainstream media is that Tony will be making a statement after the hearing and they should wait for that. Campaigners are concerned that the media will seek out and interview whoever they can find pedalling a radical 9/11 theory and use them to attempt to discredit months of hard work. This has been a common tactic, for instance from the BBC in their Conspiracy Files programmes. To prevent this happening, organisers intend to physically obstruct interviews with mainstream media outside the court if necessary. Activists attending the hearing are asked to make sure any signs represent the message of this campaign: that the BBC has covered up the truth on 9/11.

Those with signs saying anything that would appear speculative to a general audience (eg 9/11 was an inside job) will be seen as undermining the court case and Tony’s campaign. On the factual side Tony is most concerned to highlight the symmetrical collapse of WTC Building 7, a large portion of which fell at free fall speed and which was announced by the BBC some half hour before it happened. He says the Jimmy Saville scandal shows that the BBC were unable to investigate a child molester in their midst, so it is hardly surprising that they do not have the courage to impartially investigate the crime of the century. ‘Despite recent offers from mainstream sources, Tony Rooke and his defence team feel that this has come all too late and is not consistent with far too many years of indifference towards the scientific facts that incontrovertibly disprove the official account of 9/11.

Illegal wars have come and continue to be fought under the pretext of that day. Civil liberties have been erased along with the countless lives of troops, civilians and children abroad. These overtures of ‘friendly’ interest are not to be trusted. This court case has happened only BECAUSE of mainstream media’s indifference, antipathy and often ridicule towards those who have researched and found the truth of 9/11, in tandem with a conspicuous silence in the face of such overwhelming evidence that disproves the official version. The mainstream press are to be treated with the contempt they deserve. This case is being fought by those whose ONLY interest is in seeing the science of the 9/11 event analysed by a court, a scrutiny of FACTS that SHOULD have been undertaken by the commercial press and the BBC a long time ago.
Any individual who engages in conversation with a demonstrably deceptive mainstream media at Horsham, does NOT speak for myself or the defence team and we disassociate ourselves from those who cannot resist such insincere overtures. Win, lose or draw, we hope that this court case prompts all those who mistrust our media, to engage in similar, peaceful action, until such numbers become impossible to ignore.
The time for ‘research’ is long over. The obvious suspects, complicit in the orchestration and cover-up of 9/11, now need to be questioned by uncorrupted police officers. This will NOT be achieved sat in front of your PC. Ignore ITN, ignore ANY mainstream journalist. They have earned your suspicion.’ Thank you to all who have supported this stand for progress.

Tony Rooke

We will support any new investigation of the 9/11 attacks so long as *it is run by uncompromised people with a range of opinion including those inclined to disbelieve the official 9/11 story, *it follows the evidence wherever it leads if it takes place in the US to be credible it will need *full legal authority to demand immediate access to any evidence and any witness it chooses *the resources it requires to carry out its investigation Reinvestigate 911 is supported by Coffee Plant ( suppliers of organic and Fairtrade coffees to caterers and retail customers.

Dick Cheney Exposed – 9/11 Truth – Stand Down Orders

I was watching Homeland, a Showtime TV series, and was impressed by the speech given by the character Sergeant Nicholas Brody.  It was if the writers of this TV show were indirectly talking about the corruption in Washington DC and the atrocities committed by the Bush Cabal.

I got out my computer and decided to have some fun exposing Dick Cheney for what he really is.

This video is dedicated to 911 Truth Movement and the people murdered on September 11, 2001.

Vice President Dick Cheney Exposed – Evidence of Murdering American Citizens.  Here is the list of people killed/murdered at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001

US Navy:
Kris Romeo Bishundat, 23, Waldorf, MD
Christopher Lee Burford, 23, Hubert, N.C.
Daniel Martin Caballero, 21, Houston, TX
Lt. Eric Allen Cranford, 32, Drexel, N.C.
Captain Gerald Francis Deconto, 44, Sandwich, MA
Johnnie Doctor Jr., 32, Jacksonville, FL
Commander Robert Edward Dolan, 43, Florham Park, NJ
Commander William Howard Donovan Jr., 37, Nunda, NY
Commander Patrick Dunn, 39, Fords, NJ
Edward Thomas Earhart, 26, Salt Lick, KY
Lt. Commander Robert Randolph Elseth, 37, NY
Jamie Lynn Fallon, 23, Woodbridge, VA

Matthew Michael Flocco, 21, Newark, DE
Captain Lawrence Daniel Getzfred, 57, Elgin, NE
Ronald John Hemenway, 37, Shawnee, KS
Lt. Michael Scott Lamana, 31, Baton Rouge, LA
Nehamon Lyons IV, 30, Mobile, AL
Brian Anthony Moss, 34, Sperry, OK
Lt. Commander Patrick Jude Murphy, 38,  IL
Michael Allen Noeth, 30, Jackson Heights, NY
Lt. Jonas Martin Panik, 26, Mingoville, PA
Lt. J.G. Darin Howard Pontell, 26, Columbia, MD
Joseph John Pycior Jr., 39, Carlstadt, NJ
Marsha Dianah Ratchford, 34, Prichard, AL
Commander Robert Allan Schlegel, 38, Gray, ME
Commander Dan Frederic Shanower, 40,  IL
Gregg Harold Smallwood, 44, Overland Park, KS
Lt. Commander Otis Vincent Tolbert, 38, CA
Lt. Commander Ronald James Vauk, 37, ID
Lt. Commander David Lucian Williams, 32, OR
Kevin Wayne Yokum, 27, Lake Charles, LA
Donald McArthur Young, 41, Roanoke, VA

US Navy Civilian Employee:
Angela Houtz, 27, La Plata, MD
Brady Howell, 26, Arlington, VA
Judith Jones, 53, Woodbridge, VA
James Lynch, Manassas, VA
Retired Capt. Jack Punches, 51, Clifton, VA
US Navy contractors:
Julian Cooper, 39, Springdale, MD
Jerry Moran, 39, Upper Marlboro, MD
Khang Nguyen, Fairfax, VA
Marvin Woods, 58, Great Mills, MD

Donna Bowen, Verizon Communications
Allen Boyle, Fredericksburg, VA
Rosa Maria Rosemary Chapa, Springfield, VA
Gerald Fisher, consultant, Booz-Allen Inc.
Sandra N. Foster, Clinton, MD
Herbert Homer, Milford, MA
Robert J. Hymel, Woodbridge, VA
Terrance Lynch, consultant, Booz-Allen Inc.
Shelley A. Marshall, Marbury, MD
Patricia E. (Patti) Mickley, Springfield, VA
Scott Powell, BTG Inc.
Charles E. Sabin, Burke, VA
Karl W. Teepe, Centreville, VA
Ernest Willcher,consultant, Booz-Allen Inc.
Edmond Young, BTG Inc.




Jesse Ventura SLAMS FOX News with TRUTH about 9/11


High Ranking US Major General Exposes September 11 [Video Interview]


American Institute of Architects and Engineers Explosive New 10-minute Showcase Video on 911 WTC Towers

Richard Gage(AIA) is the founder/CEO of Truth for 911 brings forth compelling evidence on how the third building WTC 7 was actually brought down in a controlled demolition fashion when it was not even hit by a plane and the hit with the plane could not have brought down the buildings in the manner they did in the first place. Also the media propaganda that did not even tell the people about this third building as it only focused on the twin towers.

Their official website:

Must See..

9/11 “hijackers” were CIA agents – WHISTLEBLOWER COMES FORWARD